You Want This Samtoki Korean Lesson?

Let’s do…this one today!

  1. 이 – I (pronounced “ee”)
  2. 거 – Geo (pronounced “go”)
  3. 주 – Ju (like piggy in Chinese)
  4. 세요 – Seyo

Today’s phrase is useful for shoppers or when you’re looking to order something. It means “please give me this one“.

이거 (igeo) is “this” in Korean, so if you want to be more direct and can’t recall the rest of it, just “igeo” and maybe some pointing should do the trick. But to be polite, please use “juseyo”. That means “please give me”.

You can pop 이거 into any sentence, but take note that the way the Korean grammar works is that the subject is in front. So while in English or Chinese you might say:

Please give me this one.


In Korean, the “this” will come first:

이거 기억해?

This means “do you remember this?”

Alright, now go have fun!

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