What To Eat, Mr. Samtoki?

So now that you’ve learned how to say that you yearn for food, the natural next step is to learn how to source for some food, right?

  1. 뭐 – Mwo
  2. 먹 – Meog (pronounced mawg)
  3. 을 – Eul (pronounced ool)
  4. 까요 – Kayo

뭐 means “what” in Korean, and 먹 means eat, as you’ll recall from the conversation starter “밥 먹었어?” which means “have you eaten?”

So this phrase is asking “what shall we eat?” or “what are we eating?”

Add it to your Korean foodie repertoire!

We’ll work on a few more food-related phrases, since food is an essential part of culture as well as relationship building, no?

Now let’s eat!

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