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Welcome, my friend, to the webcomic depository and diary of some random, rambling, mostly enthusiastic guy with a bike!

My webcomics are about Samtoki and a group of ragtag friends learning new things like Korean and exploring the world (albeit an overly colourful one).

What does Samtoki mean? You can find out in my About page.

A word of warning: I tend to ramble (did I mention I tend to repeat myself as well?) especially when I get the whole train-of-thought business going, but I promise there will be pictures! Soon.

First, a tiny bit of preamble. Why have two wheels between your feet, you may ask? Well, because it’s faster! But not so fast that you have to maintain your hands at the 10-2 position (or whichever segment of the clock our hands are supposed to tick to in this day and age) and keep your eyes fixed on the reflective periscopes that sequester you in the comfortable alloy box that drives our world into the future! Tick tock.

Now where was I? Oh yes, why cycle? On a bike you can move at your own pace and stop almost anywhere you like, a great way to capture those fleeting photos. On a bike you’re exposed to the great outdoors, that big patch of natural goodness that sustains us and takes our breath away! On a bike you can feel the breeze on your face and the wind in your hair (keep that helmet on, people).

When you’re on a bike, you’re using one of the few renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy: manpower (and womanpower, because women ride too). Perhaps my definition of renewable is somewhat questionable (technically we’re not being depleted in the expenditure of energy), and you might argue that humans are by no means a friend of their environment what with their ploughing and pillaging, but my point is…why waste money on petrol?

Alright, I’ll stop harping on about the supposed benefits of churning your legs in circles. Chances are you’ve come across the concept of cycling anyway. Some people say it’s a fad or a trend, like golf and Tamagotchi and Justin Bieber. I jest, Bieber is forever. Regardless I Bielieve cycling always has and will continue to conveniently shuttle folks around the world for many, many ages to come. So, um…keep cycling, people! Yes, that was my point.

Did I say I would cease and desist? Oops. Ah Tamagotchi, that brings back memories…

Riverton Sunset

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