Vestiges of Summer

Under my eyelids still reside
The vestiges of summer,
And as I drift across the fields
Upon warm toasted butter
Of the beaming golden sun
In its waning light I wonder
What summer is like where you are.

We used to hold hands upon the pier
As the waves caressed the break,
Sea breeze brings back the memories
As my heart begins to ache,
The clouds fall away to black
And the sun begins to forsake
Reminding me I am standing alone.

And though I know that you go
To a place far better than here,
Inside I can’t help but feel a
Void of terror and fear,
That nothing else and no one
Can ever make me feel this dear,
This poor and shattered upon the pier.

So now I embark on the road
Back the way we came
Back down the pier I go
But it is no longer the same.
I awaken to the fact
That there is no longer the flame
To light the way in the dark of night.

Now the sun has plummeted
Beneath the deep blue sea
Plunged into the depths
Of some aquatic revelry
Like the beat that sways
From within my chest
For freedom does it plea.

As the stars begin to dance
Across the navy waves
And I recall your face
My soul that I thought was saved
Comes crashing down hard
Churned into a ragged foam
Into a million salty graves.

Under my eyelids still reside
The vestiges of summer
That warm and gentle breath
With you in that billowing dress
I know you won’t be back
But still I can’t let go
As my heart yearns for swift death.

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