When You Beelieve

Bikelah Bunny Beelieve
Bee-lieve in yourself! You can do the thing!
Shoutout to Reddit from u/SamwiseSHJ

Hi all! Been a while since I did one of these.

This idea has been bugging me for a while now, constantly hovering on the verge of my subconscious. Glad to finally get it out there.

I suppose there’s not much else to say…how about a quiz?

Do you know the name of a unique type of bee that produces milk?



I’ll buzz off now.

Why I Love Cycling

Reasons To Love Cycling
Whoever came up with this is amazing.

This illustration pretty much sums it up. I’m sure I’ve touched on a bunch of these points in my past posts, but this drawing really takes the cake. I love it! Thank you, you creative cycling spirit!

I concur with and can easily tick seventeen out of the twenty. And yes, do wear those helmets, people. Here are the ones I don’t relate to as well:

  • 14. Seeing a race up close – Never been much for spectator sports, I’d rather be doing. However, I would certainly go and cheer on a friend if they were participating and I wasn’t. That said, there is an undeniable energy when you’re in a crowd of cheering spectators that gets your heart racing. Not as much as actually being on the bike, though. Yeah, I’m biased.
  • 18. The post-ride pint – I’m not averse to having a drink with the boys after a long ride, but have you tried chugging alcohol on an empty and dehydrated stomach? I would not recommend it. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m guilty of CUI: cycling under the influence. You feel pretty good at the time, but not having complete motor control while operating a mobile object is definitely a big no-no for me.
  • 19. It is inexpensive – I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a popular hobby with a large following that doesn’t make your wallet feel the pinch these days. Such is the commercial life. But to be fair, if you’re after a simple, comfortable ride it really is quite affordable.

Which ones do you relate to the most? And why?