Twilight Tunes & Nighttime Rap

What, now in the nighttime?
When the day is past prime?
Sneaking away like a crime
Just getting into my pasttime
As the corporate ladder we climb
Dragging us through mud and slime
And you wonder where all the time
Has come and gone…
Nah to truly rap you gotta rhyme.

And all our days we slave away
So that our fears we can allay
But as we sleep our minds betray
Our well-laid plans begin to decay
Hurts and shame our heads replay
Angry things that we can’t unsay
Our parent’s dreams we must obey
No this ain’t no jolly reggae
It’s all just another workday.

As my aircon gently blows
The tropical air swirls and slows
And mosquitoes poke their nose
In places where anything goes
Deep down we all know
That like our wabi-sabi shows
And as our ice creams unfroze
We just want to wiggle our toes
And forget tomorrow’s throes.

Ok, maybe some of this rap rhymes.

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