The Other Side Of The World

Here’s a random question: do you ever notice that you tend to chew with a favourite part of your mouth? I have a favourite side where I find my food is tastier; for those who are curious, it’s a secret. Okay,  it’s the left posterior corner of my mouth. Yes yes, I’m crazy. Welcome to the other side of the world. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to ponder the infinite wonders of mastication (huh huh), have you ever tried to consciously chew with a different part of your mouth? I’m sure you use all of mouth to chew, but when you munch on your favourite snack, I’m sure there’s a pocket that you tend to use more often.

I tried it out today, and it was more of a challenge than I’m willing to admit. Actually, when I say that, am I inadvertently admitting it? Or does using that phrase downplay the extent to which…never mind.

So there I am munching away happily, and then I think to myself: “Hey, one side of your jaw is working harder than the other. You’re going to end up with a lopsided face!”

Lopsided cartoon
Lopsided er…head. Yeah, that’ll definitely distract ya. The things you find on the internet.

Of course I knew this to be untrue, although I did ponder the possibility of this being a cause of asymmetry in facial features.  Nevertheless, I did my best to train my brain to get accustomed to this foreign sensation. I suspect doing it consciously makes it seem a lot harder than it really is.

Hi for those who complete do not relate to any of this! Well, how about brushing your teeth with your other hand? I’ve been practising, and I actually feel like I’m getting better at gripping the brush with my non-dominant opposable thumb! Yay!

So what am I on about? I doubt I came in here with a point, but I believe in the saying: variety is the spice of life. And that is what I’m getting at. Mix it up a little, jar your complacent brain out of autopilot. Even the smallest thing you change gives you a new perspective on life, a whole new grasp on reality.

Not everyone can flip like Walter Mitty and fly around the world on a whim (but these days it’s certainly an option!). But you can start changing your life with the smallest of things. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic musical montage on a magic carpet ride, it just has to begin with you.

Now for some food photos!

Waffle Burger Sam
Holy Batman, it’s a burger with waffle buns!
Fancy Pastry Piknik Pizza
Puff pastry pizza with roast duck and bonito. That’s modern food for you!

Embrace the change!

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