The Fight Against Entropy

Here is an intriguing thought: for some umpteen number of millennia, our world and the many worlds around us have been happily going with the flow of this popular and somewhat morbid idea of entropy. The very laws that govern our universe are all aiming for that one singular goal: maximum entropy. No one really objects; it’s a pretty great system. Things get cooler and less cluttered and you end up with a tidy bit of nothingness for the least amount of effort. Sounds perfect, right?

Enter life. The very notion of life itself seems to be a sign of scorn and a mark of mockery in the face of this pervasive and inevitable entropy beast. Life is shaking its little fist at entropy, chanting:

“Not if I can help it!”

But certainly this little speck of life cannot hope to overcome something as ubiquitous and omnipotent as entropy, as much as a perky bit of zooplankton could not hope to overcome a fully grown blue whale.

Blue whale of entropy
The blue whale of entropy. See those specks? Lots of plankton in each one!

But what about an entire horde of zooplankton? An indomitable net of unified micro-individuals, as numerous as the stars in the sky, so thick even light cannot penetrate.

Let’s get to breeding, people!

That’s what life has to say, in its barely audible, squeaky voice. Those tiny, brave little zooplankton are going to multiply and organise themselves into a mighty phalanx, a great wall of microscopic proportions. And then they’re going to face down the giant.

Will they win? Probably not. Can they turn back the tide, repel the gargantuan onslaught? Probably not, but they might be able to slow it down, get all up in that big face and make some noise. Make some chaos. That’s what life is good at!

So why do we fight? Because maybe pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo makes us feel alive. That’s why we’re rebellious to the core, always eager to mess up the equilibrium, create ripples on the water, build sandcastles out of nothing. We’re spitting in entropy’s face, taunting it. Because we know we cannot win, cannot turn back the tide, cannot cheat death.

But we will do all we can. To defy entropy.

I think I’ll try defying entropy. And write a musical while I’m at it. Teehee.

Why do you fight?

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