The Broadest State of China

So if you’re wondering which state is the broadest in China, I might suggest translating the term “broad” into China’s native language and going from there. It can be our little puzzle today.

China, china, china: where to begin? Such a gargantuan and complex nation rife with its many provinces and peoples and cultures. But the part I liked the most about the parts of China I visited was the abundance of cyclists!

Cyclists of GZIt is strangely encouraging for me to see grown adults (H. G. Wells something something) and children alike cruising around on bicycles. They are everywhere in Guangzhou! Apparently I heard the government outlawed motorcycles within the city area, for one reason or another. And it’s not just in Guangzhou, but a number of other major towns and cities across China!

So understandably this would force people to go back to the trusty bicycle. And they have taken it by storm!

Cycling post rain

Admittedly there is an increase in motorised bicycles all over the region, which I’m rather ambivalent about at the moment. Perhaps not as environmentally friendly as its predecessor, but who knows what the future holds for bicycles?

Police bike of China
They even have fancy police bikes!

China is pushing the boundaries of bicycles and all things to do with transport as we speak. In spite of the mess and squalor of big Chinese cities, I do believe the future of bikes lies with them.

Also, food!

Wanton noodles
Endless wantons! And cheap too!
Nanning noodles
Strangest noodle combination from Nanning. It’s sour and spicy and salty and savoury! Everything you ever wanted in a noodle dish.
Dimsum combo
Wouldn’t be dimsum without chicken feet, right?
Meat bun dumplings
Cute little dumpling buns!
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