Taste of the Master

Any of you guys out there like plants and growing stuff?

Well, I do.

And as I was happily dousing my usual green amigos one day, it occurred to me…

Now nobody I know goes around intentionally sneezing or spitting on their plants, but it occurred to me that since water and the nutrients contained therein are the most precious gift to plants, how would they feel about our stray fluids?

Okay, maybe stray fluids is not the best choice of phrase.

But you get what I mean…right?

It’s probably as close as we get to petting our green amigos, right?

Wait, do any of you caress your plants?

No judgment.

Now that I think about it, that title is probably going to associate me with some strange things out there on the internet. I admit I’m curious, but not curious enough to punch that into a Google search.

Maybe DuckDuckGo.

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