When You Beelieve

Bikelah Bunny Beelieve
Bee-lieve in yourself! You can do the thing!
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Hi all! Been a while since I did one of these.

This idea has been bugging me for a while now, constantly hovering on the verge of my subconscious. Glad to finally get it out there.

I suppose there’s not much else to say…how about a quiz?

Do you know the name of a unique type of bee that produces milk?



I’ll buzz off now.

The Handle Toward My Hand

Bikelah Bunny Webcomic Ep 3

“Is this a bike which I see before me?” it asks.

And what will you do with it? Will you take the handle in yours? Clutch it tight? Travel the world and the seven seas?

What did you think when you first saw a bicycle?


Just another form of transport? Bit old fashioned there, eh ol’ chap? Wonder if I can ride one.

Most of us will have been exposed to bikes at one point or another in our childhood (even if we have yet to have the pleasure of riding one). Ubiquitous, they are. Unless you live in the South Pole or something.

I bet they have snow bikes there.

Image result for snow bike animal

Wait, people seriously ride those things?

Did you think about taking it for a spin? Or was it an object of fear and discomfort?

I honestly can’t recall my early times atop a bicycle, but I must have cycled somewhere somehow. I certainly didn’t ride much while I was in school.

And then I picked it back up when I decided to get a bike to commute to work. Five kilometres one way. Looking back, it was really nothing. But I struggled. Especially up that darn hill.

That was perhaps one of the few positive life-changing decisions I’ve made.

And I’ve never looked back.

Now I didn’t have a bike magically fall into my lap. That would hurt. I actually consciously made up my mind that I wanted a bike, and I went out and got one. Well, I went with my mum. So it was kind of handed to me, but I had to ask for it first.

And it was a magnificent bike. Straight bar alloy hybrid road bike with gears and all that. Still have it to this day.

Now it seems cycling is making a comeback and gaining popularity as a sport and recreational activity. Many compare it to golf, like one of those sports fads that comes and goes. I think it has a little more real world relevance than golf.

Unless they turn those golf carts into a form of commute.

Image result for custom golf cart

Ease on down, ease on down the road!

Yeah, I don’t know where I was going with this. It’s getting late.

Just don’t leave you bicycle unattended, guys. Bunnies will steal it.

Peace out. comiccom

To Be Noticed

Bikelah Bunny Webcomic

You could say it is ego or vanity or narcissism that fuels the pursuit of recognition.

But deep down, if we are honest with ourselves, we all yearn for attention. It may not be much, yet it is an undeniable part of what makes us human.

Of course fame is not for everyone. However, it is safe to say that most would desire some form of recognition for their contributions to the things they put their time and energy into. Or sometimes things that they don’t really put that much time and energy into.

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone’s attention, even if it is just for a brief, fleeting, mortal moment. Perhaps that’s why people like dogs; most of them can give you relatively undivided attention almost unconditionally. And they don’t judge you.

But every once in a while, people need something more. Something they feel they need to share with the world – the love of a hobby or a really cool thing they created or an amazing hidden talent they have.

And amidst all that is some desire for fame and praise, and the fortune that follows according to what society has us believe. Despite the negative connotations that society seems to place on aiming for fame, it’s more than happy to dish it out in truckloads to its chosen ones, regardless of whether or not they are deserving of it.

However, at the core of it all, I’d like to believe that we humans simply feel the need to share; to bond with others on a deeper level; to identify kindred spirits that take interest in the same thing or admire similar traits and patterns. To revel in the intriguing and endless layers that our world has unleashed upon us.

Once in a while you’ll put on a sharply coloured shirt; or show off a cool move or two while you’re out in public; or pretend not to look at the cute girl facing your way and hope that she’ll see you and think to herself how dashing you look and imagine the rest of her life in your embrace (but of course that only happens in those silly Hollywood romcoms).

And all for what? That tiny glimmer of hope that someone, somewhere out there catches you in that moment where you’re having fun being comfortable in your own skin, that brief flicker where you feel at your best, at the top of the world. They may not know you or care all that much, but they bore witness to a moment in humanity that may very well never occur again for millennia to come.

Sometimes it’s nice to be noticed.

The Imperfect Creation

Bikelah Bunny Comic

Sometimes amidst our busy lives we pause for a moment and allow the pervasive existential angst at the back of our minds to surface, to join us in our brief and bleak perception of our minute fragment of reality.

Day after day we go about our daily tasks, our duties, our lives. Yes, we are living, and not a moment too soon. We must continue living, continue toiling upon this mortal coil that brings us happiness and sorrow.

Once in a while we allow ourselves to ask: is there a purpose to it all?

Like this carelessly outlined rabbit, are we created to have reason and meaning? Or is it on a whim? A fluke of brushstrokes and a triumph of probability, never again to occur?

Are we but an imperfect creation? Are we destined for greatness? Or do we exist simply to provide for our cats?

Cat Existential Crisis