In The Mind of Madness

Today I pondered upon a rather perturbing topic: the glorious marriage that is man and madness.

As some of you may recall, today was the announcement that ol’ Teddy Cruz was stepping out of the fun little rat race known as the United States Presidential Election Campaign. He is humourously referred to as the Zodiac Killer, which led me to think about sociopathic serial killers. A pleasant thought, I might add.

ted cruz zodiac killer
Ted Cruz was clearly a fun guy

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you woke up one day and you had become a heartless, empathy-devoid, bloodthirsty murderer? Not the raging, spur-of-the-moment violent types, but the cold, meditative killer that will keep butchering people for whatever reason they see fit – be it for money or country or pure unadulterated glee.

Now of course you will dismissively laugh it off as some far-fetched notion, just like an adult disregards the menacing threats of an enraged child. But what if he was right? What if the Joker was on to something?

What if all it takes is a trigger?

Perhaps it could be something akin to speaking some secret code words that have been indoctrinated into the minds of certain candidates (of the Manchurian variety), unlocking the double-double agent that is asleep within their psyche. Hollywood certainly has had their fair share of uncontrollable killer soldiers.

winter soldier
I would have thought the red star would have given it away.

But what if no one had tampered with your mind? What if there is in fact no brainwashing, except that which your mind does on its own? What if all of us have an innate trigger built into our subconscious minds, a fragile little button that if pushed will unleash the tidal kraken of otherworldly insanity?

Like the Joker, what if all it took was one really crappy day? Or not even that -simply having someone look at you the wrong way, or eating a particularly hard bit of cereal? You know the feeling.

I guess most of us have relatively resilient minds, which would explain the lack of wanton massacre in the streets. We like to think of ourselves as civilised citizens living in harmony, people who have long conquered such base primal urges to prey on one another.

Or maybe one day someone is going to go all Samuel L. Jackson on the world and turn our smartphones into a little tool for terror. Clever, really; certainly more original than most Bond villains.

Oops, Freudian slip