Question As Old As Time

The age old question: what do you want to eat?

I wonder how the ancients decided upon such doubtful and highly charged questions?

I suppose they had more pressing issues, like trying not to starve to death.

In the end it boils down to our modern societal structure and first world problems, such as an abundance of choice. Endless choices and options.

In almost everything, we are faced with a multitude of options: what to eat, what to wear, how to construct my multi-faceted, highly-customised Subway sub.

We are a generation of choice, with a world of options, so many places to visit, so many career paths to choose from, so many potential mates, so many events and so little time.

So is really deciding on what to eat a question as old as time? Or are we simply tarrying and trying to delay our inevitable demise as our clock ticks ever onward, counting down toward our doom?

So next time you’re faced with the exquisitely difficult question of what to eat, remember that in the end we are but microscopic tadpoles floating in a cesspool of swirling decay and the illusion of choice.

Yes, you don’t really have a choice. The decision was already made an eon ago. The cake is a lie. It was all a test. Just go with the flow and shovel it down your gullet and be happy like a good little peon.

What to eat, indeed.