Taste of the Master

Any of you guys out there like plants and growing stuff?

Well, I do.

And as I was happily dousing my usual green amigos one day, it occurred to me…

Now nobody I know goes around intentionally sneezing or spitting on their plants, but it occurred to me that since water and the nutrients contained therein are the most precious gift to plants, how would they feel about our stray fluids?

Okay, maybe stray fluids is not the best choice of phrase.

But you get what I mean…right?

It’s probably as close as we get to petting our green amigos, right?

Wait, do any of you caress your plants?

No judgment.

Now that I think about it, that title is probably going to associate me with some strange things out there on the internet. I admit I’m curious, but not curious enough to punch that into a Google search.

Maybe DuckDuckGo.


Spiciness – Nature’s Tool or Just Masochism?

Spiciness is a most curious trait in our world. Certain plants and herbs have the ability to mildly harm or stimulate our senses, not enough to maim or kill us, but enough to make us uncomfortable…and wonder if we should be eating it in the first place.

Chillis and spices are a strange and wonderful bunch that are used in almost every culture, but what could their purpose be?

At the end of the day, are chillis a form of drug – something to stimulate and enhance the senses? Or are they therapeutic?

Do they play a role in selective propagation? Only the animals like birds that are unaffected by spiciness will happily eat the spicy fruit and seed and carry them far away?

Or…are we just being masochists?

Nature certainly works and strange and mysterious ways.

There is an interesting Thai saying that goes:

“A crow holds the chilli in its mouth.”

I’m not entirely sure of its meaning, and how it would translate into English. What do you think it means?

Samtoki’s Mighty Morphing Fur Colour

Today we get to the bottom of the mystery that is Samtoki’s ever-changing fur colour.

Does Samtoki have a special chameleon-like genetic trait? Is it a different bunny each time? So many questions!

Go go mighty morphing fur colour!

Maybe…it’s just indecision. The artist’s unwillingness to choose a colour? Fear of commitment?

Ok, getting too deep here.

No, that’s not what she said.

What colour do you think Samtoki’s fur should be?

A standard rabbit coat colour? Or something out of this world? Like the Unicow?

Samtoki’s Horoscopes

Today’s predictions:

What a tough life those Horoscope writers must have! Always having to come up with fresh content day after day.

Seriously though, how do those guys keep coming up with such cuttingly concise pieces all the time? It’s like sports writers – they have to keep the same thing fresh and exciting.

Anyone here subscribe to the Horoscope?

What’s your Horoscope? I’ll do one specially for you!

Welcome to Asia

I hear the thunder
I feel the wind blowing strong
I welcome the rain

Open my window
Gaze upon the distant gloom
The darkness cometh

And with the darkness
Amid the trembling of air
A familiar sound

Not pitter patter
Joyous precipitation
Not the sound of rain

It is but the sound
That makes a grown man furious
Mosquito buzzing

Welcome to Asia

What We Plot in the Shadows (of Lockdown)

So the movement control order (MCO a.k.a. soft lockdown) has been extended another 14 days for us. Guess I’ll have to start planning to make certain commodities last the extra two weeks, while the stores are still shut.

Also, my hair is getting a little long, but at least I’m not missing out on my facials and manicures and pedicures and eyebrow and other fun hair removal sessions.

Still, there’s some perishables and items that I really wanted to get before this, and now I have to wait for another two weeks. Ugh, time to take over the world and make certain things essential goods.

Getting Pinky & the Brain flashbacks here.

What To Do If You Catch Covcov?

What just happened?

What would you do if your family or significant other caught the Covcov?

I mean, if you stay in quarantine with them, you’ll end up with it as well, right?

So what are your options?

There are all these guides on what to do to avoid and prevent the spread of Covcov, but there’s nothing on what to do if someone catches it, apart from send them to the hospital. Could you treat and monitor their condition? Should you?