Random Movie Review – Logan

Hey everybody! Time for something random – a movie review!

Longan Logan Bikelah
Wait a minute…

So after some deliberation I decided to hit the cinemas to witness the final (although it seems nothing is ever final in Hollywood or the Marvel universe) installment of a legend.

The previous few installments heavily featuring Hugh Jackman’s claim to fame left a rather insipid taste in my mouth. Not to say I didn’t enjoy them, it was just getting a little…trite. The scowling, the growling, the singlets.

It was going the way of Christian Bale as Batman, where I found myself not really entertained by Bruce Wayne or his raspy leather-clad alter ego. Not because Mr. Bale isn’t a great actor, but because his character was becoming so unrelatable and one-dimensional. I’d say every other character had more opportunity to shine in those films – Caine almost had me tearing up in Dark Knight Rises during his confession.

Wolverine was becoming another Hollywood ragdoll that could take more than your standard beating because he was invincible so yay let’s throw more harmful shit at him! Explosive shit! Bullet train shit! Laser beam shooting shit!

Let’s be honest: Wolverine in Japan was just an excuse to have Hugh Jackman fight ninjas.


You know you remember this.


So seeing Logan in a more…relatable light was somewhat refreshing. Gone was the perky, horny hairdo; no cigar chewing; and certainly much less topless time.

Here we see a wisened, fatigued, grumpier but still equally angry Wolverine. Like most who go through a tough life, it certainly seems to have beat even the great Wolverine into submission.

I thoroughly enjoyed the starting pace and mood of the film. It was what I had hoped Hancock could have been. A dark, gritty, dusty dystopian world with a sarcastic comedian of a main character.

Everyone loves the dynamic combination of the old bitter guardian and the brave but reluctant VIP target. I really enjoyed the Naughty Dog game The Last of Us, with its immersive blend of picturesque post-apocalyptic scenery and lighthearted glimmers of hope in between mad scrambling for resources and amazing storytelling.

And that’s exactly what Logan turned out to be – a bitter old remnant of a dying breed clinging to what few strands of the past he has, who becomes burdened with protecting a young thing that he neither cares for nor can communicate with. And together they embark on a heartwarming journey into the sunset.

However, to put it bluntly – the film started out as an adaptation of The Last of Us, but ended up like a Marvel version of Spy Kids.

They spent most of the movie building up the main villain, only to have him upstaged…by Hugh Jackman himself! And some random doctor that popped out of the woodworks. Yeah yeah you’re related to General Stryker, it all makes so much more sense now! Seriously?

I’m not sure if they were trying to be faithful or pay homage to some nerdy fan crowd, but this movie was nothing at all like the comic books. Or maybe they just wanted to give it all closure, so they axed off every character they could think of.

The ending became a lot less believable and less well-thought-out compared to the more cohesive first half. Logan chugging some temporary miracle cure for the final battle? Hardened military men fumbling to grab a bunch of kids when they could just shoot or taser them? Kids raised in a lab surviving in the wild on their own for weeks on end? Preposterous!

Surely they didn’t need Logan to be in a sleep coma for his brief stay in Lord of the Flies. What could he have done? Talked the kids out of making a run for Paradise? At least they could have had more meaningful conversations if he wasn’t drooling in every scene. I bet it was just so they could shave him.

Anyway, that’s enough spoilers for one night.

Let me know what you thought of the movie!