If They Could Talk

If dogs could talk, what would they say?

Would you wish for your dog or cat or pet to be able to converse in human language?

What would they actually say? What would your dog say about you and about your way of life? Or perhaps it would be all baby talk?

To be honest, I believe the big appeal of pets and animal companionship is the fact that they don’t talk.

So really, if I had a wish that could come true, I wouldn’t wish dogs or cats or any animals could talk. That would ruin it.

Just wish for them to live longer, perhaps.

Artsy Fartsy Meme

Today is meme day! And a real artsy fartsy one, at that!

Hijacking a friend’s hilarious doggo meme to reflect how I feel about my ludicrous cartoons.

Maybe it’s time to draw less cutesy cartoony stuff, and focus more on…still life.

You know, I hear people make a good living drawing nudes. And not just regular nudes, but the real wacky, nigh unimaginable stuff. Basically stuff you couldn’t possibly recreate in real life. I guess that’s what art is all about!

Yay, art majors are relevant now! Fulfill the human fantasy!

I…think I’m just going to stick with memes.

Anyway, why don’t you go and check out that amazing doggo (a Samoyed breed, by the way) on its own Instagram page?

Oh and here’s the template if you want to make some memes:

You’re welcome.