Australian Dog Party!

This needs to be a real party!

Shiba from the Australian Dog Party

I mean, I don’t imagine immediate sweeping changes to the landscape of the country, but I do imagine if our nation were more dog friendly then many other things would naturally fall into place. Like the economy, for starters.

I’m just dismayed that the Australian Dog Party doesn’t have an adorable (or regal, whichever you like) dog icon in the logo. I mean, that could be New Zealand for all I know! I wonder if New Zealand has a dog party…

What would the Australian Dog Party stand for?

That’s a great question! I’m glad you asked.

The Australian Dog Party will stand for:

  • More dog facilities e.g. parks, paths, drinking trowels
  • More laws to protect dogs from unethical breeding and abuse
  • More jobs for dogs
  • More dog-friendly media
  • More dog translation services
  • Implementation of National Dog Day
  • Rename party to Australian Dog Paw-ty
  • Include a longer item so the bullet points ascend in length

It’s the leash we can do for our furry friends!

Anything is paw-sible!

National Dog Party Day

Vote for the Australian Dog Party!

P.S. They really missed the chance to call to it the Australian Dog Paw-ty.