What To Do If You Catch Covcov?

What just happened?

What would you do if your family or significant other caught the Covcov?

I mean, if you stay in quarantine with them, you’ll end up with it as well, right?

So what are your options?

There are all these guides on what to do to avoid and prevent the spread of Covcov, but there’s nothing on what to do if someone catches it, apart from send them to the hospital. Could you treat and monitor their condition? Should you?

The Real Victims of Covcov

Ah yes, I bet you just recalled your poor, hapless office pets that are sitting behind sealed doors during quarantine.

Even if you wanted to rescue them, it’s probably too late now. Unless you have an office full of cacti and dragon fruit plant.

Or perhaps you’re more responsible and have arranged for your little viridescent friends to be tended to. In which case, continue on your way guilt free, my friend.

For those who have fallen victim to this terrible contagion, we salute thee. In death, may you continue to make this world a better place as you did in life.

Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to say for someone’s eulogy?