What If Unicorns Were Real?

The mythology of unicorns has been in popular culture for as long as we can remember, but how did it all begin? And why are unicorns always candy-infused, rainbow-spewing, magically cutesy beings?

What would unicorns be like if they were real world animals? What if unicorns were real?

So don’t be shy about loving unicorns, even if you’re a guy! The pink rainbow versions are just the kid-friendly renditions, because the real shit is clearly too much for society to handle.

It feels like as part of the feminist movement, they had to make every single animal on this putrid globe extra cutesy and give them floofy names like danger noodle and trash panda and domesticate them into soggy, docile furballs.

Well, you’ve done it to the poor unicorn for long enough!

Yeah, we’re taking back the unicorn, boys!

Tonight we ride in hell!

Every Friday Evening

Regular people vs Runners on Friday evenings!

You’ll get this if you’re a runner or cyclist. Perhaps I should include those guys as well…

And now it’s time to sleep so I wake up before dawn to hit the road, to crunch that tarmac, to burn those calories!


And now a Chinese version for our good friends!

Change Someone’s World

I once read a quote about how helping one person may not change the world, but it would change the world for that one person.

And I thought: if I could change one person – just one person’s world for the better, then isn’t that something worth doing?

I realise these silly digital squiggles may never have much of an impact on this world, regardless of how popular they become. But if they can impact one person’s world, to even brighten their day just a little bit, then I’ve done something right, done something worthwhile.

And that is what keeps me going.

I’m not trying to change the world, just change someone’s world for the better.

Plus I enjoy doodling, so that helps.

What keeps you going?

Jobro & The Segue

Today we feature a new furry bunny friend – Jobro! He has…certain interests. Kawaii interests!

Segue segue segue! Jobro is a funny guy.

But yes, I’m aware there are multiple methods of monetising art and comics, one of which is custom art commissions. I wonder if it’s as lucrative as they say it is…

Would be a dark, twisted rabbit hole to go down.

I wonder how many artists out there can survive purely off the income they make from their art. Perhaps a number of them work day jobs as designers and creators, or they live off merch sales.

I would imagine most have regular day jobs, or have enough to support themselves so they can focus full time on drawing webcomics.

I mean there are those whose regular day jobs is drawing comics, like mangaka and those folk who work at Marvel Disney comics? Does that division still exist? But even then, I’ve heard a lot of these manga artists are getting paid peanuts, so the industry isn’t all that sustainable?

To be fair, most industries don’t seem that well off in this current economic state. Ah well, segue to less depressing topics!

Stay tuned for more random comics with Samtoki and Jobro!

Today I Learned: How Now Brown Unicow?

Today I learned that the term “cow” refers not just to your mom, but to a specific status of the animal, and that the proper generic name for those big tanks that give us milk and beef is “cattle”.

How now brown cattle?

Hm…doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

So here is my dedication to the cattle and their respective statuses!

In Unicattle form, of course.

So yes, in case none of that made sense to you, cow refers to a female that has given birth to a calf. A heifer refers to a female that has not given birth.

A bull refers to a male that is physically able…and intact; while a steer is a male that has been castrated. You know, missing a little sump’m sump’m.

Learn something new every day!

How now brown Unicow?

Many Faces of Bunbun

Is that his/her name? It’s more of a cutesy moniker. To be honest, I never really had a name in mind for ol’ Bunbun.

Not exactly the most creative or clever as far as names go, but I guess it’ll do for this funny bunny for now. Especially in these seemingly dire times, where chaos and madness abound. At least we have social media to fall back on.

Stay healthy, people!

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