Well Fought, Brother (Tribute to Chadwick Boseman)

I remember where I was when I heard the news that Chadwick Boseman has passed away from a long battle with cancer. I was in a tropical jungle up on the hills, taking a brief break, when a friend broke the news that the man who was best known for playing the Black Panther was gone.

And this is my tribute to him, the man that inspired a generation, a man that was perhaps taken before his time.

However brief his life was, the legacy he left behind will resonate for generations to come. Rest in power, Chadwick Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman was a King at the 2018 Oscars
Chadwick Boseman
November 29, 1976 – August 28, 2020

I Am Froot

Do you like Frooty Froot?

Of course you do – everyone likes Froot!

A character that has undergone more change than any other superhero in the franchise (both in physical appearance and personality), our lumbery friend has always captured the hearts of fans with his helpfulness and humour.

I admit I’m not usually one for jumping on the pop culture superhero comic bandwagon (or copyright infringement, for that matter), but I couldn’t help entertaining this random thought that came into my head a few days ago.

Talk about a delayed reaction.

I wasn’t even watching any Marvel movie or ogling Peter Quill or anything!

Anyway, I know it’s a bit late to the party, but here is my random contribution to the superhero pop culture. Enjoy the Froots of my labour!

Don’t get too Frooty now!

And there’s some other message in there…maybe about the importance of eating fruit or something. Whatever.

Aly’s Stomping Pirouette

This was just a random comment from a friend about my sister-in-law Aly’s amusing signature spinning stomping dance move.

Somehow this friend had a dream that a spider crawled onto her face while she slept, and when she was rudely awakened she stomping pirouetted the crap out of it. Or…something to that effect.

I have no idea what kind of drugs these people are on.

I, for one, stick purely to Vicodin.

Use Vicodin, approved by 0.0% of doctors for people who do not require Vicodin.

Malaysia Says No To Domestic Abuse

Do you know someone who is the victim of abuse? Or are you personally the target of verbal, physical or emotional abuse by another person?

Malaysia was shocked by news that Sugu, the husband in the online cooking sensation Sugu Pavithra couple, was arrested and charged with domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is no stranger to us – it has been happening since there were humans, and it is nefariously difficult to detect and resolve, often because all parties involve choose to remain silent.

But why do we remain silent?

Stand up for yourself or for someone you know who is a victim of abuse! Silence and inaction is not the solution to this problem. It’s not just going to go away.

Domestic violence is a pattern and a developed behaviour. It is not going to get better or go away on its own. Someone has to do something.

Seek help or look out for your friends and family who you believe are suffering abuse.

Malaysia and the world says no to domestic abuse and violence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, male or female, able or disabled – there is no reason you or anyone else should be subject to constant violence or harm.

We stand with Ms. Pavithra and all the other anonymous victims of violence who have suffered in silence.

That’s not how we treat our fellow Malaysians, or fellow human beings.

Say no to domestic abuse by addressing the issue. Don’t avoid it, and don’t fear it.

#QueenPavithra #End #DomesticAbuse

Spiciness – Nature’s Tool or Just Masochism?

Spiciness is a most curious trait in our world. Certain plants and herbs have the ability to mildly harm or stimulate our senses, not enough to maim or kill us, but enough to make us uncomfortable…and wonder if we should be eating it in the first place.

Chillis and spices are a strange and wonderful bunch that are used in almost every culture, but what could their purpose be?

At the end of the day, are chillis a form of drug – something to stimulate and enhance the senses? Or are they therapeutic?

Do they play a role in selective propagation? Only the animals like birds that are unaffected by spiciness will happily eat the spicy fruit and seed and carry them far away?

Or…are we just being masochists?

Nature certainly works and strange and mysterious ways.

There is an interesting Thai saying that goes:

“A crow holds the chilli in its mouth.”

I’m not entirely sure of its meaning, and how it would translate into English. What do you think it means?

Question As Old As Time

The age old question: what do you want to eat?

I wonder how the ancients decided upon such doubtful and highly charged questions?

I suppose they had more pressing issues, like trying not to starve to death.

In the end it boils down to our modern societal structure and first world problems, such as an abundance of choice. Endless choices and options.

In almost everything, we are faced with a multitude of options: what to eat, what to wear, how to construct my multi-faceted, highly-customised Subway sub.

We are a generation of choice, with a world of options, so many places to visit, so many career paths to choose from, so many potential mates, so many events and so little time.

So is really deciding on what to eat a question as old as time? Or are we simply tarrying and trying to delay our inevitable demise as our clock ticks ever onward, counting down toward our doom?

So next time you’re faced with the exquisitely difficult question of what to eat, remember that in the end we are but microscopic tadpoles floating in a cesspool of swirling decay and the illusion of choice.

Yes, you don’t really have a choice. The decision was already made an eon ago. The cake is a lie. It was all a test. Just go with the flow and shovel it down your gullet and be happy like a good little peon.

What to eat, indeed.

The Best Accessory

Well, it ain’t diamonds, I’ll tell you now. Way back when I remember my best friend telling me about the best accessory a person can ever wear…

Smile and the world smiles with you!

You’re born with it, and it is something that only you and you alone can wield and wear. So wear it with pride!

I suppose it’s nothing new, but it’s nice to remember to smile more often. And you can see the effect it has on others, not to mention on yourself!

So go out there and let your smile shine forth! Brighten the world with your new superpower!

And here’s a bonus panel for our friendo @AmazementComics on the Tapas forums:

Yeah…real lips on a cartoon bunny…

Runners Are Like Plants

Runners are like plants. Here is why:

Runners endure the elements, the heat and the cold and the rough terrain so they can grow and improve, and also for that sweet, sweet reward at the end.

I guess it’s not just runners – any athlete or person involved in exercise can reap the rewards of a good workout session and revel in the post-workout fun!

What do you like to drink or eat after an intense workout session?

Of Rainy Early Mornings

Have you ever had to wake up super early in the morning, before the crack of dawn for an outdoor activity? And it’s pouring down outside?

Or just waking up to be greeted by rain, and having the luxury of being able to go back to sleep?

Isn’t it simply the best feeling in the world?

Early morning showers are the best!

I’m sure those dirty, dirty pluviophiles will dig this.

So this morning I was intending to wake up nice and early to go for a cool bike ride, but I woke before my alarm to the familiar tapping on my window. The repeated tapping of big, fat raindrops committing suicide upon my window.

And yes, I went back to sleep.