Reset Game Pls

What if life were just a game? A game you could reset at will whenever you pleased?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were born in a different city, a difference country, into a different family, as a different person? How different you would be from the person you are now?

Or would you be exactly the same? Would you not want to change a thing?

Because thinking such thoughts is pointless and silly, right?

No man or woman can change their starting character or select the circumstances of their birth. No one can just reroll the die and reset the game at will, right?

But is it wrong to entertain such thoughts?

I’m not suggesting I’m entirely unhappy with my lot in life, but I wouldn’t blame others that do. Others who dream of a different life but without the means to change it.

Perhaps that’s why we believe in the afterlife or reincarnation. That these circumstances we’re in is just a febrile dream, a cosmic joke that we’re forced to see through.

If you’ve ever wondered how different your life could have been if you had been a different race or ethnicity or gender or size, or in a different time or place surrounded by different people, remember this: you’re not alone.

It’s how you make the best of it that matters, I suppose.

It’s how you play the game.

Game on.

Once More Around The Sun

Yet another trip around the sun…

As we hurtle endlessly through the Great Void at breakneck speed, have you ever wondered – are we actually getting anywhere?

We’re just spinning round in circles, aren’t we?

Kept in check by our toasty Sun’s gravitational field, adrift in a dark, cold emptiness that is supposedly gradually expanding. And by expanding I imagine they mean that everything is lazily drifting outwards, like debris being sucked out to sea.

And if we aren’t experiencing universal drift, then we’re basically ending up back where we started, aren’t we?

As my physics teacher taught me, if you end up back at your starting point, then your total displacement is zero, which means your velocity is zero, which mean you did shit-all.

So what did I get up to today? Does it ultimately matter?

What did you get up to? Are you experiencing this brief life to the max?

Reading this over, I can only surmise that it must make me sound super depressed or tired of life or something. But really I’m just pondering the meaning of life and all that, which is something people do when they’re bored. I guess that would make philosophers some of the most bored people on the planet.

Anyway, we’ll continue spinning on our little ball of moss, keeping each other warm just like our cheery little sun. Off you go then!

Dear Fishball

Sometimes you’ll see something on the internet, about a person you don’t know, by a person you don’t know, and it stirs you to action.

fishball malaysia sad condolences

It may not mean much, but is human connection through the interwebs, through electrical impulses under the ocean (not unlike the electrical impulses to our brains) not equivalent to some level of real human connection?

Anyway, Fishball – here is a poem for you:

There are some things that words cannot mend
Some things for which tears you may expend
And through your art messages you send
Your story and feelings carefully you tend
I feel so much that is unspoken
Across the internet on this end
From a fellow Malaysian to another
Only my heartfelt condolences I can extend

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Easing Back In

Boom! I’m back, baby!

Yes I had a brief hiatus. Largely because things started getting rather hectic, but in all honesty colouring everything in was becoming a bit of a chore.

So I’ve figured I’ll start easing myself back into it by keeping it simple and not pressuring myself too much. No point going all perfectionist on it. Not like anybody looks at this stuff, right?

Just a reminder if you’re ever bummed out from doing something or about to give up, don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly normal. Just give yourself time and ease back into it.

Or just give up and find something new. I don’t know – I ain’t some guru, bro.

Antey Biteys

They climb on you, and then they get mad and bite you. What the heck is wrong with you stupid ants!?

Samtoki ant bite comic
Samtoki ant bite comic
Samtoki ant bite comic
Samtoki ant bite comic

Have you ever been happily strolling along or standing around minding your own business when you felt that little pinch on your skin, the sting of little pincers poking into your sensitive skin?

I’ve always wondered why ants would chomp down unprovoked when we’re blissfully ignorant of their presence.

Are they trying to hang on tight? Or asking to get off? Or they just want a piece of this? Maybe they want to carry you back to their nest.

Whatever it is, I wish they would stop it with the needless antey biteys.

Purr-fect Nickname

Hey Tiger!

What’s in a nickname? What’s in a name? Is it all a game? Is it a little bit insane?

Can you choose your nicknames? Or are they bestowed?

Inspired by a remark by Mr. Braff on one of his Scrubs Rewatch podcast episodes, which was in reference to the series Scrubs.

Looking back, that series really was a timeless gem of slapstick comedy. It could also slap you right in the feels.

I guess the character of JD really resonated with a lot of people, although I was always more of a Kelso kind of guy. That’s the only reason I do this – to hear you tell me the sweetest bit of bullshit.

Anyway, what’s a fun nickname you wished people would call you?

Can you choose your nicknames? Or are they bestowed?

I wonder if cats have nicknames for us. Probably Poopoohead.


Ever meet anyone like this?

I empathise with Maroon Bun – it certainly doesn’t feel nice to be left out or uninvited, but perhaps there’s a reason for that?

Complaining that no one invites you to things is basically blaming others for your unpopularity or lack of visibility. If it’s always someone else’s fault, then perhaps it’s time to do some self-reflection.

If nobody invites you to things…maybe you’re just not that fun to be around?

And if you’re going to fish for invites, at least try to be tactful about it?

And heck, if no one invites you to things, then just organise your own things!

Screw you guys! I'll make my own mars rover with blackjack ...
Be like Bender!

In this part of the world, there’s a popular phrase called “bojio”, which basically means “no invite?”.

Considering how viral the phrase is, I imagine a lot of people suffer from bojio syndrome and some form of FOMO.

I wonder if it’s as prevalent of an issue in other parts of the world…