Never Forget Your Power

To all my fellow artists out there, whether you create cartoons, canvases, chicken tandoori or catchy tunes, remember your true power. You have the power to create something from nothing, from 0 to 1, from the void of nothingness to the beautiful palette before you.

It doesn’t matter if others see it not, if they shun or spit at your offerings. Keep creating, stay strong, and never stop.

Society may label artists and designers and musicians as a lacklustre bunch of misfits, but you and I know that we have the power to impact the hearts and minds of people, to inspire and motivate, to change the world.

The Imperfect Creation

Bikelah Bunny Comic

Sometimes amidst our busy lives we pause for a moment and allow the pervasive existential angst at the back of our minds to surface, to join us in our brief and bleak perception of our minute fragment of reality.

Day after day we go about our daily tasks, our duties, our lives. Yes, we are living, and not a moment too soon. We must continue living, continue toiling upon this mortal coil that brings us happiness and sorrow.

Once in a while we allow ourselves to ask: is there a purpose to it all?

Like this carelessly outlined rabbit, are we created to have reason and meaning? Or is it on a whim? A fluke of brushstrokes and a triumph of probability, never again to occur?

Are we but an imperfect creation? Are we destined for greatness? Or do we exist simply to provide for our cats?

Cat Existential Crisis

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