An Afternoon With An Olive-Backed Sunbird

Today I saw an olive-backed sunbird!

Olive-backed Sunbird Birds Malaysia
This little dude! (Photo credit: Internet)

It was flitting and hopping about alone right outside my window as the rain gently gilded the green boughs of my pink bird flower plant.

And so I stood there and admired it meticulously going from flower to flower, bird poking bird flower in some strange silent pantomime.

Didn’t have my phone on me, and because I didn’t want to spook it and I didn’t wish to miss a moment of it, I stood there for what felt like an hour just gazing out at the energetic little warbler. So I didn’t take any photos, just the memories in my mind of that magical moment in time when I came close to feeling like some Disney princess.

And I was perfectly fine with it.

Listening to the little passerine let out a few chirps and tweets, I wondered what Mr. Trump was up to these days. Then it was back to work.

Here’s the pink bird flower plant I mentioned, and a brief shot of the rain today: