The Spiral Bridge of Hope

Introducing the brand new Spiral Bridge of Hope – right in time to usher in a new era of Malaysian history!

Penang Queensbay Bayan Lepas Spiral Bridge of Hope

This circular landmark can be found a few klicks south from the popular Queensbay Mall on the south-east side of Penang Island.

Penang Queensbay Bayan Lepas Spiral Bridge of Hope

And it’s purposefully made with pedestrians, runners and cyclists in mind!

Although I’m sure motorcyclists will find their way up it, as they do.

Queensbay Penang Aerial

With a height of 11 metres, a length of over 250 metres, and a gradual 5 degree slope (compared to some of the more ridiculous slopes we have here in Penang), this bridge was designed to not only be accessible by the physically robust or those with motorised assistance; even the most inexperienced cyclist and pedestrian can easily make their way up this tower bridge.

The new spiral bridge will act as both a safe passageway across the highway as well as a magical lookout point to this side of Penang Island. Although not immediately apparent from below, at its peak there is a large circular platform that provides quite the view!

To the west you can see all the way into Penang’s heart and suburban central, and to the east you gaze upon both of Penang’s massive bridges as well as Pulau Jerejak just 800m across the channel.

Penang Queensbay Bayan Lepas Spiral Bridge of Hope

Maybe not so sightly at the moment with all the reclamation going on.

It was a clever idea to incorporate a viewing platform into this bridge; in doing so its value has been multiplied tremendously. The bridge is now more than just another overhead bridge – it is a potent tourist hotspot, a gathering point for landscape photographers, a place to relax and look up at the open sky.

So where does it go?

The spiral bridge starts from the south of Queensbay Mall in Bayan Lepas and stretches west across Penang’s busiest highway – the Lim Chong Eu north-south expressway. It bends around the tennis courts of Intel and along Penang’s Free Trade/Industrial Zone.

Penang Queensbay Bayan Lepas Spiral Bridge of Hope

This bridge will serve to connect the coastal Bayan Bay area with the Sungai Nibong and the Bayan Baru area where Penang’s largest roundabout and Krystal Point are. All in all the project cost a decent 8.9 million, which is perhaps a little more than I would pay, but what do I know about building bridges?

The reason it is unofficially known as the Spiral Bridge of Hope is because the party that overthrew the previous government stronghold is named the Hope Party (Pakatan Harapan).

So here’s to hoping this bridge remains a beacon of our dreams and wishes for Malaysia for many years to come.

Penang Queensbay Bayan Lepas Spiral Bridge of Hope

And here’s a video of it – now with music!


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