Sam’s Copywriting Sample

Whether you’re looking for a casual clause, professional prose or a humourous haiku, look no further! For starters, I can tell when to use “your” and “you’re”. 

Generally most of my clients look for something to put a snooze in their reader’s step with standard bombastic buzzwords and robust compositions to set themselves apart from the riffraff and their commoner colloquialisms, with extended expositions and circuitous sentences that have more secondary subplots than a Saturday afternoon soap opera. Hold up, nobody watches television anymore! 

Oh but I digress, 
Let’s talk about you and just
What you need right now. 

I put the “Sam” in “Copywriting Sample”.

Perhaps I could use a better buzzword for the tagline.

I put the “Sam” in “Copywriting Samurai”!

And just what is Samshu?

三燒? Seems to be an antiquated term for Chinese rice wine.

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