Reset Game Pls

What if life were just a game? A game you could reset at will whenever you pleased?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were born in a different city, a difference country, into a different family, as a different person? How different you would be from the person you are now?

Or would you be exactly the same? Would you not want to change a thing?

Because thinking such thoughts is pointless and silly, right?

No man or woman can change their starting character or select the circumstances of their birth. No one can just reroll the die and reset the game at will, right?

But is it wrong to entertain such thoughts?

I’m not suggesting I’m entirely unhappy with my lot in life, but I wouldn’t blame others that do. Others who dream of a different life but without the means to change it.

Perhaps that’s why we believe in the afterlife or reincarnation. That these circumstances we’re in is just a febrile dream, a cosmic joke that we’re forced to see through.

If you’ve ever wondered how different your life could have been if you had been a different race or ethnicity or gender or size, or in a different time or place surrounded by different people, remember this: you’re not alone.

It’s how you make the best of it that matters, I suppose.

It’s how you play the game.

Game on.

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