Once More Around The Sun

Yet another trip around the sun…

As we hurtle endlessly through the Great Void at breakneck speed, have you ever wondered – are we actually getting anywhere?

We’re just spinning round in circles, aren’t we?

Kept in check by our toasty Sun’s gravitational field, adrift in a dark, cold emptiness that is supposedly gradually expanding. And by expanding I imagine they mean that everything is lazily drifting outwards, like debris being sucked out to sea.

And if we aren’t experiencing universal drift, then we’re basically ending up back where we started, aren’t we?

As my physics teacher taught me, if you end up back at your starting point, then your total displacement is zero, which means your velocity is zero, which mean you did shit-all.

So what did I get up to today? Does it ultimately matter?

What did you get up to? Are you experiencing this brief life to the max?

Reading this over, I can only surmise that it must make me sound super depressed or tired of life or something. But really I’m just pondering the meaning of life and all that, which is something people do when they’re bored. I guess that would make philosophers some of the most bored people on the planet.

Anyway, we’ll continue spinning on our little ball of moss, keeping each other warm just like our cheery little sun. Off you go then!

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