New Gen Spice Girls!

Say hello to the new generation of Spice Girls – the Five Spice Girls!

In this new generation of Spice Girls we have 桂桂, 茴茴, 角角, 丁丁 and 麻麻!

The Five Spice Girls each correspond to one of the spices in the Chinese Five Spice mixture, in case you didn’t work that out already:

Fennel seeds (小茴香)
Chinese cinnamon (肉桂)
Star anise (八角)
Cloves (丁香)
Sichuan pepper (麻辣花椒)

A totally random idea that came up in conversation with a friend on the topic of herbs and spices.

Maybe they’ll feature in more of my upcoming comics, or perhaps they’ll just remain a tribute to the wonderful Spice Girls (and cheap Chinese knockoffs).

Maybe I should use Five Spice in my cooking more…

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