Mobile Phone Love

Have you noticed something?

Ever since mobile phone cameras became widespread, there have been a marked drop in apparition and UFO sightings.

Miracles also seem to be a thing of the past.

It seems mobile phones have done away with all things spiritual and spooky. Are mobile phones our saviour from the superstitions and fears of old?

Or have mobile phones become the new deity?

Now I sound like one of those pastors decrying false gods and idolatry.

Of course mobile phones are not inherently evil. They are merely a tool, a ubiquitous and seemingly omnipotent tool that will soon cure you and connect you to the Creator. Or maybe just the nearest single person.

What once started as a communication device is now our new best friend, our personal well of knowledge, our portable piggy bank, our source of joy and entertainment, our entire world.

What will mobile phones look like in another 10 years? 20 years? Will we have become one with our digital double? Will they have become greater than us? Or will they have become a true friend, the perfect companion in our own lonely little worlds?

Humans have always searched for companionship outside the usual social circles, beyond the typical human communities. Pets and plants, games and gadgets – humans have concocted a variety of things to provide interaction and fulfillment, at least for a time.

So why not the little device we carry with us everywhere?

Slowly we move in that direction, making it recognise and respond to our speech, making it identify and follow our gaze, making it come alive at our every touch.

Will we one day worship our perfect creation? The pinnacle of our technological prowess and evolution?

Will this sleek glossy rectangular wonder lead us into a utopia of unprecedented peace and prosperity?

Will we start making love to our mobile phones?

I bet most people already are.

I’m sure our phones have seen more of us than anyone else alive. More of our faces, more of our bodies, more of our thoughts, more of our lives. And they will remember more of our every living detail than we will.

Imagine for a moment that your mobile phone was sentient and had a mind of its own. What kind of shit would it have on you? The amount of things it has seen and been through and knows about you.

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

We invited it in, and now it is here to stay.

I, for one, welcome our new digital overlords.

Just kidding – don’t rely on your mobile phones too much kiddos. You never know what’s under the surface.

A tool should stay a tool, and not become more the wielder;
Else as we look down, closer we approach the reaper.

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