Malaysia Says No To Domestic Abuse

Do you know someone who is the victim of abuse? Or are you personally the target of verbal, physical or emotional abuse by another person?

Malaysia was shocked by news that Sugu, the husband in the online cooking sensation Sugu Pavithra couple, was arrested and charged with domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is no stranger to us – it has been happening since there were humans, and it is nefariously difficult to detect and resolve, often because all parties involve choose to remain silent.

But why do we remain silent?

Stand up for yourself or for someone you know who is a victim of abuse! Silence and inaction is not the solution to this problem. It’s not just going to go away.

Domestic violence is a pattern and a developed behaviour. It is not going to get better or go away on its own. Someone has to do something.

Seek help or look out for your friends and family who you believe are suffering abuse.

Malaysia and the world says no to domestic abuse and violence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, male or female, able or disabled – there is no reason you or anyone else should be subject to constant violence or harm.

We stand with Ms. Pavithra and all the other anonymous victims of violence who have suffered in silence.

That’s not how we treat our fellow Malaysians, or fellow human beings.

Say no to domestic abuse by addressing the issue. Don’t avoid it, and don’t fear it.

#QueenPavithra #End #DomesticAbuse

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