Love & Stuck Home Syndrome

Now with almost the whole world suffering from some form of Stuck Home Syndrome, it’s only a matter of time before the drama and the fanfics start to blossom. Once the fear of coughing and contagion wear thin, all that’s left is the other people stuck in the same building as you. All that’s left is love.

Or just a mutual disdain for your sloppy and uncultured roommates or neighbours, those loud and slovenly people across the wall who drag their chairs and slam their doors.

Almost makes me want to write a poem about it. Maybe even some fanfic – oh dear, the Stuck Home Syndrome really is taking effect. Fanfic, ew.

But at the end, isn’t that one of the few things keeping us going? Love? Not necessarily for another human being, but a hope that during this containment period, or perhaps after, that something magical is waiting, something wonderful is coming on the other side.

We all need that something to keep us going, keep us sane until the end.

I mean, think about it – a whole bunch of people locked up together in a house or stuck together in a compound. This is basically a season of Big Brother, with end-of-the-world vibes.

Things are bound to be said, tensions are bound to flare and heat up. People start to go mad with love or hate or actual insanity.

So…maybe go talk to that neighbour you’ve seen in the elevator or passing by in the corridor. If it works out, then:

Image result for hulk i see this as an absolute win

If not, then…you can just lock yourself in your room/apartment/basement and mope about it until we’re released like mad bunnies into the wild.

At the very least, it’ll make for a good story.

I bet someone’s already writing a book titled “Stuck Home Syndrome”.

What story would you write?

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