Living With Your Parents

In this modern day and age, there is a certain phenomenon that is prevalent throughout most if not all human societies. Not that it didn’t happen before, but it feels like it is an increasingly common occurrence today. Perhaps what is concerning is the fact that is becoming more widely accepted. That phenomenon? Living at home with your parents.

First I should clarify – I don’t mean bringing your elderly parents to come and stay with you at your own home in order to provide care for them after you’ve successfully made it on your own. I mean never leaving the nest. I mean the kids who grew up and continued to live with their parents out of choice (be it theirs or the wishes of their parents).

Now perhaps you feel personally attacked. Why would I even suggest that living at home with your parents is concerning?

The trope of that guy living in his parent’s basement comes to mind. You know, the one that plays computer games all the time and has a full beard with last night’s leftovers encrusted within.

For girls living at home with parents isn’t so bad, but they tend to end up with an excessive amount of pets or teddy bears.

Society used to frown upon such things. But not anymore.

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.

So why would I imply that living at home with your parents is a matter of concern?

Because I feel that it heavily impedes personal growth.

Living with your parents stunts your development as an independent unit of a person.

Your maturity and emotional and mental well-being stem from your sense of self-worth and confidence in your own abilities. Living at home with your parents indicates some level of dependence, of clinging to the past.

I’m aware there are mature individuals who coexist harmoniously with their parents while developing themselves, but usually those are ones who have spent time apart and due to some circumstances have moved back in with their parents.

I mean let’s face it – to your parents you will always be that clueless, innocent little kid. And on some level, your parents will still treat you as such.

Until you extricate yourself from an environment where you are treated as a minor or an incumbent, you will never truly know if you can stand on your own feet, never know your limits and discover what you would do with your own space.

Staying at home is easy, it’s comfortable, you’re in your comfort zone. As long as you stay in your comfort zone, there is little room for growth because you are not challenging yourself.

Yes, life is already full of challenges, and trying to pay off a home loan or undertaking the stress of monthly rent may be unnecessary if you have more affordable alternatives, but at what cost?

And so we blame it on high rent and property prices, and we hide in the safety of our rooms to avoid the challenges of the world and of facing our fears and our parents. Living the comfortable life.

How long will that last?

What happens when your parents are no longer there? As much as we don’t want to think about it, that day will come.

And then what?

Who’s going to make your meals? Wash your clothes? Pay the bills? Cater to your every need?

Would you rather be forced to fend for yourself? Or would you take that step yourself and push yourself outside your comfort zone, knowing that there is a safety net if all else fails?

Life is full of challenges, so learn to start facing them today.

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