In Hokkien: Do You Speak English?

An important phrase for every traveller in every language is asking if their counterpart speaks the universal language, English.

As you’ll recall, this is how to ask in Korean:

  1. 영 – Yeong – (pic reference to Yong Tau Fu)
  2. 어 – Eo
  3. 하 – Ha
  4. 세요 – Seyo

And this is how to ask in Hokkien:

EnglishWritten ChineseHokkien
Can you understand? 你会晓听无(吗)?Lu eh hiao tia bo?
Can you speak English?你会晓讲英文无(吗)?Lu eh hiao gong eng bun bo?
I don’t understand我掠无
Wa liak bo

Please note that the written Chinese column is how the Hokkien words would be written in text, but it is not how you would actually say it in the Chinese language (普通话).

Now in my research, I came across this useful little Hokkien resource (there are quite a few online, to my surprise): this English-Hokkien dictionary!

I gave the search a few tries and the results were rather impressive.

So yeah, go nuts!

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