Minion breaking free

I Want To Break Free

I don’t want to be fed, I want to create! This might seem like a strange comment out of context, but do you ever get this yearning inside to make something of your own, to give something of yourself?

In our modern society, we are perpetually surrounded by things that somebody else created and manufactured. We either help make it, or we’re on the receiving end of the conveyor belt. The clothes we buy, the shows we watch, even the food we eat. Take a look around you. Which of the objects in your immediate vicinity did you have some form of input in? Doesn’t have to be personally made from scratch, but something with your mark, your own signature on it.

How did you go? More than ten? You’re doing a lot better than I am. What is my point? What is my point!? Relax, I’ll get to it. First, a simple question: if you could create one thing with your own bare hands (or feet or mouth or whichever part of your body you like), what would it be? Say you had all the resources available at your fingertips and all the time in the world. One thing. What is it?

I’m not saying mass produced things are in any way bad or derivative; I’m not advocating we stop appreciating other people’s works of art. I’m merely saying we’ve been programmed by modern marketing to acquire over create, buy over build. Programmed in the ways of the consumer. The ways that lead to the dark side.

Media indoctrination

Why all this anti-consumerism propaganda? It makes the world go round, right? I’m against it because it quashes creativity. Certainly without industry we wouldn’t be where we are today, and that I do not disagree. But who is keeping these industries in check? If one day they start churning out amber protein blocks and convincing us they’re the only thing we should be eating, are we going to stop cooking too?

Everything ends in a product these days. Need more sleep? Buy this pillow. Need even more sleep? Buy these pills. Or how about this hyper-ergonomic atomically-accurate alarm clock that counts sheep for you while playing Mozart? Who comes up with these things? The people who use their creativity. These people are the movers and shakers and the select few that make the changes governing our little streams in life. These people dare to dream, dare to do.

Perhaps you’re content to sit through the movie of your life comfortably perched in the plush cinema chair, passively watching events unfold. Happy to watch it all play out, never once wishing it could be different, wishing you could make it different. Maybe you upgrade your seat with the money you save up. Surely you’ve been to a movie that you could do much better! Then why don’t you go make it? Why don’t we go make it?

Let’s make a movie. What kind of movies do you like? What kind of mark do you want to leave in this world?

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