I Am Froot

Do you like Frooty Froot?

Of course you do – everyone likes Froot!

A character that has undergone more change than any other superhero in the franchise (both in physical appearance and personality), our lumbery friend has always captured the hearts of fans with his helpfulness and humour.

I admit I’m not usually one for jumping on the pop culture superhero comic bandwagon (or copyright infringement, for that matter), but I couldn’t help entertaining this random thought that came into my head a few days ago.

Talk about a delayed reaction.

I wasn’t even watching any Marvel movie or ogling Peter Quill or anything!

Anyway, I know it’s a bit late to the party, but here is my random contribution to the superhero pop culture. Enjoy the Froots of my labour!

Don’t get too Frooty now!

And there’s some other message in there…maybe about the importance of eating fruit or something. Whatever.

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