Going Down Iconic Hill At Sunrise

As they say, what goes up must come down. And so for every hill we climb, there comes a time when we must eventually come down. Here’s the coming down part of the Iconic Hill trail.

There are at least four alternate routes to reach the peak of Botak Hill (now rebranded by the developer to their name, Iconic), and many more branches and bypasses.

  1. Eastern Trail – Start from Beverly Heights, Ashley Green
  2. Western Trail – Start from Grand View Heights, Paya Terubong
  3. Southern Trail – Start from Bukit Jambul via Bukit Kukus
  4. Northern Trail – Start from Bukit Hijau via Bukit Gambir

Most popular way up appears to be the paved paths along the Western and Eastern trail, but do take note that these paths are now gated and closed at night.

Regardless, it’s a nice place to catch sunrise and sunset, with an unhindered view of the eastern side of Penang Island, about 380-400m above sea level.

Iconic Hill Penang Sunrise
Sunrise over Penang Island

I imagine this place will undergo quite a lot of change over the next few years as the developer is currently widening the access ways up the hill, and we expect lots of construction along these hills. Hopefully nothing too excessive, but it certainly won’t be the same for long.

Enjoy going up and down Iconic Hill while you can!

Botak Hill from Bukit Gambir
Botak Hill from Bukit Gambir
Iconic Hill Sunrise
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