Don’t Spoil It For Yourself

Have you heard someone rant about how their Facebook or Instagram feed is always full of other people’s perfect vacation pictures or beautiful selfies? And it’s making them feel so jelly and ruining their moods. Every. Single. Day.

How did those rants make you feel?

Do you shake your head in sadness? Do you giggle in glee? Do you secretly relate to them?

And in response, everyone keeps saying things like:

Those are all their best moments – they will never show you their lows; only highs.

Just think about how many hundred times they had to retake that selfie!

Or my favourite:

Oh my goodness, who the hell cares!

Seriously, who cares about people getting angry at other people for making them feel inferior or insecure? Those people are not worthy of your attention.

You don’t need someone else to make you feel inferior or insecure – you can do that all by yourself. And you do.

You Inferior

You weak, pathetic, whimpering keyboard warrior, hiding behind your online anonymity and impenetrable virtual screen. You sniveling pool of discombobulate gelatinous genetic gravy wasting away the resources of the world with your sorry excuses and depressive virtual shenanigans.

Why can’t you be happy for these “friends” of yours on your social media that you clearly feel so connected to that you talk or chat with them all the time, instead of browsing and semi-stalking their post, leaving passive aggressive comments?

They’re giving you great suggestions of new places to visit and dope experiences to try! They’re sharing their happiness with you (and a few others, sure).

So what if they want to show off a little?

Either be happy for them, or forget about it and move on with your life.

Oh wait, is that your life?

Vicariously living off the sweet moments and intriguing updates of your “friends”? Hitting that sweet button to give your ultimate approval to everyone in your circle, and an endorphin boost to your brain?

And so you feel entitled to feel insulted for being excluded from these gatherings that you always decline to go to? You’re allowed to feel angry that these other people get to go on sweet vacations while you’re stuck working your ass off to pay for your own damn bills?

Sure you are entitled to. But don’t go whining about it on your own social media, or worse, on other people’s perfectly curated posts and albums. That just makes it look worse.

Just simmer in silence and let it erode away at your sense of self worth and sanity, like all the other silent lurkers petrified into inaction by reality and their own fear of anything outside their comfort zone.

Simmer in silence at the injustice that is thrust upon you by these inconsiderate bastards that flaunt their good looks and fortune and happy lifestyles and fun activities.

Simmer in silence as the world moves on without you while you make up excuses to exclude yourself from your own family and friends and society, because you’re too afraid to even try, afraid that you will fail a thousand times over from the 14,000,605 eventualities that you foresaw.

Dr. Strange Good Guy Spoiler Free

Don’t spoil it for yourself. 

None of this applies to you?

Then congratulations! You are a master at not giving a crap about what others think about you.

And that’s exactly what you should do!

Because you have no control whatsoever about how people interpret your words and actions, and what they secretly think about you in their judgmental little minds.

You only have control over you. You and your own thoughts.

So save them for someone that matters, like future you.

Forget about the judgmental jesters and perfect preeners with their perfect photography skills.

Go do your own thing, and make yourself happy. Because only you can do that.

Nobody can or will do it for you.


Man, I gotta get to some of those sweet places sometime! Now seems good.


P.S. Dark Reader is the best thing ever!


Chrome Dark Reader Night Mode Best

So good on the eyes…

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