Artsy Fartsy Meme

Today is meme day! And a real artsy fartsy one, at that!

Hijacking a friend’s hilarious doggo meme to reflect how I feel about my ludicrous cartoons.

Maybe it’s time to draw less cutesy cartoony stuff, and focus more on…still life.

You know, I hear people make a good living drawing nudes. And not just regular nudes, but the real wacky, nigh unimaginable stuff. Basically stuff you couldn’t possibly recreate in real life. I guess that’s what art is all about!

Yay, art majors are relevant now! Fulfill the human fantasy!

I…think I’m just going to stick with memes.

Anyway, why don’t you go and check out that amazing doggo (a Samoyed breed, by the way) on its own Instagram page?

Oh and here’s the template if you want to make some memes:

You’re welcome.

Enjoy Your Meal with Samtoki Korean Lessons

And what do you say when the delicious Korean food is before you?

  1. 잘 – Jal
  2. 먹겠 – Meogess (he’s making more gas…get it?)
  3. 습 – Seub
  4. 니다 – Nida

So this phrase 잘먹겠습니다 means “I will enjoy this food”, and in effect means “thank you for the meal”.

You would use this once the food has been served, and before you dig in.

Do you still recall how to compliment the chef?

How You Feeling Lately?

Sometimes in our lives,
We feel a little shitty;
And that is alright.

It’s perfectly ok to feel like shit; we all do at some point in our lives.

Just keep going – things will get less shit, and you’ll become less shit.

But in the meantime, you’ve got this pretty little shit to keep you company.

Love & Stuck Home Syndrome

Now with almost the whole world suffering from some form of Stuck Home Syndrome, it’s only a matter of time before the drama and the fanfics start to blossom. Once the fear of coughing and contagion wear thin, all that’s left is the other people stuck in the same building as you. All that’s left is love.

Or just a mutual disdain for your sloppy and uncultured roommates or neighbours, those loud and slovenly people across the wall who drag their chairs and slam their doors.

Almost makes me want to write a poem about it. Maybe even some fanfic – oh dear, the Stuck Home Syndrome really is taking effect. Fanfic, ew.

But at the end, isn’t that one of the few things keeping us going? Love? Not necessarily for another human being, but a hope that during this containment period, or perhaps after, that something magical is waiting, something wonderful is coming on the other side.

We all need that something to keep us going, keep us sane until the end.

I mean, think about it – a whole bunch of people locked up together in a house or stuck together in a compound. This is basically a season of Big Brother, with end-of-the-world vibes.

Things are bound to be said, tensions are bound to flare and heat up. People start to go mad with love or hate or actual insanity.

So…maybe go talk to that neighbour you’ve seen in the elevator or passing by in the corridor. If it works out, then:

Image result for hulk i see this as an absolute win

If not, then…you can just lock yourself in your room/apartment/basement and mope about it until we’re released like mad bunnies into the wild.

At the very least, it’ll make for a good story.

I bet someone’s already writing a book titled “Stuck Home Syndrome”.

What story would you write?

Let’s Join the Lockdown Bandwagon!

So someone decided we should do one of those trending lockdown challenges that everyone has been talking about. Good grief.

It takes a global epidemic for people to learn basic personal hygiene like washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough; it takes a whole circus of clowns to decide a “lockdown” exercise is going to do our nation any good in curbing the spread when you know damn well your enforcement is about as good as telling people to stop hoarding toilet paper and instant noodles.

Just pump some budget back into healthcare and focus on treatment and management, because at the rate we’re going everyone is bound to catch it at some point.

#lockdown #whoopdedoo

Ignite Your Fire

From the coldness of rain and sorrow,
From the dying embers of our soul,
From the rotting carcass of our beat up mind,
A single shoot emerges,
A raw sapling sprouts,
A fresh flame is awakened,
A new day is dawning.

In a time of dire need,
At a time when we are all burned out,
When all that remains are charred ruins,
A single word, a phrase, a thought,
Sparks within our burnt out husk
A desire for something better,
A desire for something more,
A desire for change.

Casting away the clammy shackles of anger and grief,
Throwing wide the cellar doors,
Letting in the beaming light,
Raw energy snakes through our blood,
Sends a shiver through our shattered being,
The signal fire has been sent,
The call has come through,
It is time for war!

And so we battle for change,
We slog through daily skirmishes,
To kill the bastards that bring us down,
That inner voice that says you cannot,
That wicked chill that gnaws at your soft plump brain,
We stab it and beat it,
We hurl it and push it into a corner,
We wage war upon our past selves,
Those old demons and twisted memories,
That obscure our hope for the future.

You must strike your fears upon the rock,
Smash your doubts to a pulp,
Each and every day,
As they crawl back from their wormy graves,
You must not allow their putrid claws to sink in,
You must not give them the satisfaction,
You must ignite your fire.

Strike the match and set fire to your world,
Let the dry, dying weeds of history be consumed,
So new shoots may spring forth to the future,
You must fan the flames of change,
Blow hard and fast into the wayward heart,
Keep the orange glow giggling,
You must ignite your fire.

Carve the tinder and carry the stumps,
Tear down the bark of yesterday,
Chop down the dead wood of doubt,
You have to ignite your own fire,
You have to light the passion within your soul,
You have to be the one,
Because you are the chosen one,
Because only you can.

The End of a Saga

And so ends yet another mildly entertaining but largely unsatisfactory saga of the battle for the galaxy.

I could go into a full-blown, spoiler-laden, fanboy rant, but I imagine many more have said it many times over and much more articulately than I have. Just…better lightsabre duels please.

Beauty of the Internet

A place rife with anger and envy and ugliness driven by the power of anonymity, the internet may seem like an inhospitable place, where immense collective knowledge is masked behind greed and selfishness and loads of nudity.

But apart from being a repository of great knowledge and history, the internet is also a unique place, a place where people can connect, regardless of location or gender or race or language. A place where you can connect with a fellow human being without actually meeting them in person, transcending and extending the traditional paradigm of that personal connection.

And it doesn’t even have to be a direct channel of communication – the sharing of ideas and thoughts and beliefs unearths a strange, ethereal bond between souls.

That is the beauty of the internet.

Here Comes The Push

I guess I’ve always been one to push the limits.

I used to push to see how much I could get away with, push others around to get a reaction. Then I realised the only real person I needed to push was myself.

And so I pushed myself, pushed myself to get out there, to try new things, to push myself out of my comfort zone. Push myself to see how far I could reach, how much I could take, how low I could go. As a wise man said, what a shame it would be for a man to go his whole life without knowing the true limits of his strength and beauty that he could have achieved.

But I never would have thought I’d be pushed this far, to be stretched so thin, to be so worn out and dejected. And yet I am thankful for the experience, thankful that I endured and survived and have come out of it stronger and wiser.

Of course it wasn’t without scars. Metaphysical scars, perhaps. But these too shall pass.

And what is is you favourite tea?


I have to take responsibility for my actions and the consequences, and learn from my mistakes. Things were said and done, some outside my control, but the damage was done nonetheless. Things were missed, people were unhappy. However, these too shall pass.

There were many sleepless nights, constantly pondering what should be done, what could have been done. And leading up to it, there were many things done, a frantic flurry and fiery fusion leading up to the critical mass.

I was tried and tested and pushed to my limits, meeting the demands of others, trying to please others. And through it all I learned and rediscovered that true lasting happiness comes from within.

Yes, there were setbacks and last minute madness that could have been avoided with a little better planning, but I cherished the experience, the wild ride and rollercoaster of emotions.

And yes, in spite of the fatigue and the pain and the physical and mental exhaustion, I am thankful to have gone through it all. I am taking the good with the bad, and holding on to those that made me a better person, that made me feel better and be better. And the bad…it helped me to remember and to cherish the good.

And I would be remiss if I said there wasn’t anger and rage and gnashing of teeth (but mostly a figure of speech). However, I bear no resentment or hate, no lingering lust for revenge or to see others fall. Just a sense of relief and gentle sadness that accompanies an eventful period of time spent in good company.

As life goes, seasons change and things move on. I will not be left behind. The good that I have taken with me will bear fruit, perhaps not now, but someday. There will come a day when I will prove that I can do it, that I have what it takes, that nothing can stop me. And I will have done it not to spite others, or to win anyone over, but to prove it to myself that it will all worthwhile. The sacrifices were all worth it.

Wait, that’s not a real tea!

Audacity – to take a leap of faith, to take that step outside, to not be afraid to fall. To go where you’ve never been before, to feel what you’ve never ever felt, to push yourself to limits you never knew you had.

It has been a good year, and I look forward to many more interesting ones, inshallah. These scars I shall carry and cherish, but they will not weigh me down, they will not stop me from soaring. It matters not if others no longer have faith in me, as long as I have faith in myself.

And no, I’m not going to bloody jump off a building. At least not without a flying fox suit.

Hm…maybe it’s time I give one of those a try.

Feelings – A Haiku

Do I not speak of
My feelings because I am
Trying to be man?

Do I not speak of
My feelings because of my
Asian upbringing?

And so are feelings
Not manly or improper
For certain ethnics?

Do us men not feel
Not feel sadness or sorrow
Happiness and joy?

Do us Asian folk
Bottle up our guilt and hurt
Show no affection?

Do I not speak of
My feelings because I will
Be vulnerable?

Do I not speak of
My feelings because only
Rejection awaits?

Do I not speak of
My feelings because I am
Still empty inside?

How can I express
Say that which I cannot name
No labels for them?

How can I tell you
What I am feeling if I
Do not know myself?

Do I not speak of
My feelings because I fear
That you will hate me?

That you will lash out
With your tongue and mighty words
Of judgment and truth.

Or that my feelings
Mean absolutely nothing
Mean nothing to you.

Feelings are fleeting
They come and go like the wind
They fall like the rain.

As rain hits the earth
Teardrops perishing to mist
And forever gone.

So too do feelings
Strike and fade upon the skin
Gone in a moment.

But some feelings stay
They linger on deep inside
Churning in our gut.

Like raging hunger
They boil inside our belly
Consume from within.

And if we do not
Give them voice and let them out
Grow inside they will.

Like a seed without
Beautiful rays of sunshine
And warmth of a hug.

So too will the seeds
Inside us wither and die
Warping in the dark.

Perhaps there will come
A day when we can learn to
Talk about feelings.

To begin telling
Of the story from the heart
With two words: “I feel…”