Bunni Learns Korean: Good Food Mood

Enjoying chefing at home? In the mood for good food?

Or you got someone else to do the cooking for you?

Well, now you can show your appreciation for it!

  1. 진 – Gin!
  2. 짜 – Jar!
  3. 맛 – Mas + (means taste in Korean)
  4. 있다 – Itda (means exists in Korean)

Jinjja mashitda means very tasty! Now go make your Korean chef happy!

And to be correctly polite, try throwing in some honorifics (especially if you don’t know the person):

Person you are addressing is on the left column, and you are the person on the right two columns. For example, if I’m a male addressing an older sister or friend, I would address her as noona. The easiest one to go with is adding -ssi (pronounced -shii) at the end of their name, like -san in Japanese.

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