Bunni Learns Korean: Check Please

Today we’ll attempt something slightly longer, and something useful for when it’s time to leave the eatery.

  1. 계 – Gye
  2. 산 – San
  3. 해 – Hae
  4. 주세요 – Juseyo

Now if you remember from a previous lesson we learned the phrase “juseyo”, which means please in a giving context. In this case, we are requesting the bill or check, so it is appropriate to use “juseyo” because we are asking for something to be given or done for us. Politely, of course.

So this phrase as you may have gleaned means “check please”, or literally “please calculate for me”.

Now if you secretly want to treat your non-Korean friends at a Korean restaurant, you know what to say. You’re welcome.

As usual, there’s a podcast detailing the pronunciation. And other things.

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