Beauty of the Internet

A place rife with anger and envy and ugliness driven by the power of anonymity, the internet may seem like an inhospitable place, where immense collective knowledge is masked behind greed and selfishness and loads of nudity.

But apart from being a repository of great knowledge and history, the internet is also a unique place, a place where people can connect, regardless of location or gender or race or language. A place where you can connect with a fellow human being without actually meeting them in person, transcending and extending the traditional paradigm of that personal connection.

And it doesn’t even have to be a direct channel of communication – the sharing of ideas and thoughts and beliefs unearths a strange, ethereal bond between souls.

That is the beauty of the internet.

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3 thoughts on “Beauty of the Internet”

  1. Ya, like how I reconnected with you after you left Penang on 1st May 2012. Geez, I have to pay Internet cafĂ© hour rate just to email…and Counter Strike!

      1. Hardly since Internet is so accessible for most city dwellers, except for some suburban area people whom I met at Bayan Lepas area.

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