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Why should you even bother reading this?

I don’t know. I don’t care.

This blog is by me. This blog is for me. And so is the art.

I do it because I can and I want to. It’s my diary. It’s my way of sharing what little knowledge and experience I have of this¬†little speck of the world I inhabit.

Sharing with whom? A phantom and myself. By putting these snapshots of my past up, I am reliving these moments, analysing and reflecting on them.

Have you ever thought about it? By reading these very words, you are giving life to what would otherwise be dead. Your mind is breathing life to random binary digits dancing around on electricity.

Ah, who am I kidding? Nobody is going to read any of this.

So there. At least we’re clear.

Seriously, who even reads these things anyway?

Hi there! It may surprise you, but I’m not great at talking about myself. Seeing as you got this far though, I’ll do it for you and hazard an introduction.


I’m a simple artist and cartoonist, and Samtoki is my furry friend.

What does Samtoki mean?

Well, in Korea there is a famous song about a rabbit in the hills named Santoki, and it translates literally to “mountain rabbit”, so I thought I’d give it a creative twist. Yes, not exactly that creative, but I’ve never been one for lavish nomenclature, so anything with three syllables or less suits me just fine.

I’m also a casual cyclist that dabbles in a little food and landscape photography, which reflect my passion for aforementioned food, scenery and travel. Having a bicycle helps me get around while also allowing me to easily pause and smell the roses (and take photos of said roses)!

Pink Roses

I’ve decided to chronicle my fanciful forays on my bike across different times and terrains, in different parts of the world, so that others might follow in my tracks if they so choose, in their journey to create their own cycling memories (and normal memories, if they so choose).

I used to walk to a lot of places, especially when I was on holidays in a foreign land, as I imagine most tourists do. Then it hit me: I could just as easily hire a bike and see many, many more things, while still moving around at my own pace!

You’d be surprised how easy it is to get yourself a set of wheels in most countries. And yet for a lot of people the thought doesn’t even cross their minds. Perhaps the thought of being unfamiliar with local traffic and road rules banishes the idea before it’s barely bloomed.

Beige Rose

Around The World? Naaah

Now perhaps you’re reading this because you’ve got this insatiable desire in your heart to conquer the whole world by bike, and if that is true then I admire you and wish you all the best! And I know it says the world by bike up there. However (you might want to sit down for this) I must confess this is not a yearning that I possess. I’m just putting up my experiences from the places that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

If you do seriously want to traverse the globe by bicycle, that’s awesome! There are heaps of guides and resources available in the immense intangible universe of our collective consciousness that I’m sure you’re familiar with. There’s this one really cool guy named Tom Allen who has great advice on how to achieve your cycling dreams (and most importantly, how to get started!). I really like his style (but don’t tell him I said that).

Why Cycle? Bi Cycle! 

Cycling to me is both utility and leisure. I use cycling as a mode of transport, a form of exercise, an activity with friends, a way to avoid traffic, and on occasion my bike even becomes my photographic muse! In short, cycling is awesome! Yes, I can feel those earth-shattering cringes in the Force.

There are many reasons why people cycle. I feel the bike is a great device that can catapult you into a whole different way of seeing the world. It becomes this force that is moving you through the slipstreams of time and space, as you feel the winds of life whipping across your mortal frame. It doesn’t matter what bike you use or how fast you cycle, as long as you enjoy the ride.

I’ve participated in competitive (and unofficially competitive, if you know what I mean) and casual cycling events, and I would highly recommend any of them as a way of introducing yourself to cycling or taking your riding to the next level. Nonetheless, as much as I enjoy the competitive events, I don’t really see myself as a hardcore speedster in Lycra. I still take part in these events, because they are a great way to push and challenge oneself, and you get to meet all sorts of interesting folk!

I’ve also tried riding all different sorts of bikes: big bikes, small bikes, new bikes, really old bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, foldable bikes, miniature clown bikes, one wheel, three wheels, four wheels, motorbikes, stationary bikes. They’re all chock full of fruit-loopy fun! Except unicycles, I hate unicycles.

Just Do It!

If you’re thinking about acquiring a new bike and you want to know what type or which model you should get, stop thinking and just get it! I jest, you should always consider the best type of bicycle for your needs that fits your financial capabilities. But seriously, just take it for a whirl and if you like it get it!

Most people reckon it’ll end up rusting and gathering dust in the corner of their garage. Of course if you leave it there long enough, that’s what will happen! Make it accessible, and make it part of your lifestyle!

Need to pick up something from the nearby store? Put on a backpack and cycle there! Going to visit a friend a few blocks away? Get on that bike! Car won’t start and you need to get to the train station? Hi, I’m Mr. Bicycle.

I feel like this has become an About Bike page. Suppose I’d better quit before I tyre you out. Heh. Thanks for coming this far! Hope you enjoy your journeys on your wheely friend as much as I enjoy mine. Truth be told, I’m just going where the wheels roll, wherever the wind and bike take me!

Moony Rose

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