A Review of an Ageless Boy Named Adrian Mole

Up until recently I had not heard of this sullen, dry-witted boy named Adrian Mole. He’s not as charismatic or action-packed as other protagonists his age, but Adrian certainly makes up for it in wryness.

It seems like every book is a number one bestseller at some point in time.

So it seems like every book is a number one bestseller at some point in time. And apparently this sequel is no stranger to the spotlight.

Alas, I had not heard of Mr. Mole until his four installment was plonked into my hands by a local admirer of his. Can’t say I feel like I’m missing out on all that much, really. That said, Mr. Mole’s inner thoughts and secret desires are an entertaining read all the same.

This is a teenage book like no other – no sweeping romance or arduous adventure of discovery and life and death. Now that I think about it, does Adrian even make any progress in terms of self-discovery?

Adrian is a boy, a typical coming-of-age boy on the cusp of manhood (or whatever the limbo phase is called after the horrible things called puberty and college take place). A boy finding his way in a bizarre changing world, changing on so many levels, from his relationships to his relatives’ relationships to his countrymen and whirlwind of events that encapsulates them all.

And through it all, Adrian’s stalwart spirit of apathy remains.

Adrian is nothing if not relatable – his story of perceived lower class hardship and mundane working class upbringing is a tune many will sing, albeit with slightly less exciting and embarrassing antics. I mean Adrian’s, not yours.

Surprisingly one should not expect major twists and turns in the book, no wildly embarrassing moments or cathartic revelations.

Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years is a story of a boy wandering through life, trying to find his calling, his dream, and surviving in the meantime. His mind is set on becoming an author, and while his efforts are valiant, they are overpowered by his overwhelming sense of self-delusion.

Is he wrong for trying? Should he be mocked and embarrassed for pursuing what he deems to be his passion in life?

Sure, his methods may be highly humourous and misguided, but I for one applaud his actions and efforts, a creator after my own heart.

I found myself drawing parallels with Adrian’s experiences, strangely coincidental with events in my own life. Perhaps that is the power and the appeal of Mr. Mole – instead of otherworldly occurrences and supernatural savoir-faire, Adrian’s struggles are so very human.

No matter your age and stage in life, you’ve likely gone through or are experiencing something similar to Adrian. Crushing on the opposite gender, secretly judging and making fun of more successful folk, being disillusioned at a world that doesn’t care about one’s existence.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, since you totally did not ask for it, here is a timeline of all the Adrian Mole books!

And voila! Here is the book cover devoid of vandalism.

Right, now on to another book that doesn’t revolve around the annoying inner musings of a dry-witted young man.

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