Why Are You Still Building?

Penang November 2017 Flood

I’m sure it’s a very novel way to get around town, but nobody would have traded their homes and belongings for this. The recent inundations have certainly brought many pressing issues to the surface of the Penangite psyche.

There were many factors that contributed to the severity of the floods that came in the night and the horror that followed; many of these were beyond human control. However, like climate change we are gradually coming to terms with the fact that we are partially to blame for all this.

One of the popular reasons cited for the bad flooding in Penang is the overdevelopment and excessive urbanisation of what little land area there is, especially on the island. While I’m sure the ridiculous bucket of water dumped on Penang (over 300mm of rainfall that fateful Saturday night) was the main culprit, the sudden boom in buildings and lack of appropriate infrastructure in Penang are certainly part of the problem.

According to our Department of Statistics, the level of urbanisation in Penang is a massive 90.8 per cent. That means over 90% of Penangites live in urban, built up settlements. That’s almost as high as Kuala Lumpur, but in Penang the population density is twice is high (1,490 persons per square kilometre)!

That doesn’t really sound that alarming. Pretty normal actually. Everyone is moving out of the kampung and joining the fun city life. Woop de doo!

This article, on the other hand, claims that the current government has approved up to 8 times as many hillslope development projects (which is a rather skewed look at a niche statistic, but it is an indicator) as their predecessors. Oh, trust me, it’s not just hillslope projects that received approval.

So, I guess that begs the question:

Why the fuck are you still building?

Seriously, there are way too many developers building way too many high rise condos for who knows who.

EcoWorld just dumped five hot steaming turds all over Penang; Mah Sing is hacking away down south; Ideal has pimped out at least five affordable bitches on the island alone; IJM decided to stop reclamation by sowing their sick cement into the seas instead; Zeon and its little weeny retards are spewing up their wet dreams; Hunza is slowly creeping around regurgitating dead babies to make up their population growth fake news.

Evil Within

And let’s not forget all the other little faecal fetish floppycocks that want to suck at the soggy piece of the pie.

They keep building and building like it’s nobody’s business, or should I say like it’s such great business, which it is. Who are they building for? Not the locals, that’s for sure.

Affordable housing is just another bone they throw to keep the locals happy, and it’s even more excuse for developers to build even more! Hooray!

They’re desperate. It’s a false economy.

Building creates jobs and cash flow and keeps the wheel turning. Keeps everyone happy, keeps everyone spending.

Oversupply doesn’t even begin to describe the property landscape in Penang. They expect the population to grow by 60% by 2020, but they’re building like it will quadruple in the next few years!

And these constructions are in no way sustainable or environmentally friendly. Calling themselves Asia Green or EcoWorld, and their structures have nothing even remotely related to nature. Oh sure, they say they’ll preserve a section and plant a few trees, and then ravage the other areas to make Carthage look like child’s play.

The sad part is they’re not even close to stopping. When they run out of land, they’ll just reclaim some more and start over! Gurney Wharf will be ready for the taking by the time most of the shithead developers are done with their current projects.

Dear government, let me ask you one question:

Are we so desperate that you need to whore out every inch of our land to foreign investors so you can cling to what little shred of dignity you have left?

You’re so concerned with making money and making big shot businessmen happy that you’ve sacrificed Penang’s blood and bones. Sure, you’re making Penang cash rich (until the Chinese own everything), but to what end? So Penang can have some ridiculously high GDP? So the fat cats can get drunk and be merry? So you can win another election?

When will enough be enough?

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