When They Don’t Come For You

Have you ever had a meeting or date set with someone, only to be left hanging or left sitting there waiting for their ever impending arrival? What do you do when they don’t come for you?

I’ve been told it’s all about managing expectations.

The toughest part is coming to the crestfallen conclusion that you have indeed been stood up. The uncertainty and excitement, the fleeting glimmers of hope, the long wait, the bitter disappointment and embarrassment.

Does it make it worse to not have any expectations?

So what do you do when this happens to you?

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Cotton Candy Chords by Top Combine

棉花糖 Cotton Candy Chords
by 至上励合


F_____G ____ C
F ______G


去眺望 去遠方


爱总会守在某个地方 建造起围墙
心需要更坚强 不退让不绝望
有时候等待 慢慢代替了感伤
需要去付出 多一些互相体谅
想一起去等待着 那道曙光
将风雨之中那盏烛火 慢慢点亮
未来的时光 有我的肩膀

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A Kind of Sorrow 有一種悲傷(Male Acoustic Guitar Chords)

The chords for this acoustic male version of the song are in a different key to the one by A-Lin. I kind of prefer this version better.

Eb _______ F
我不羨慕 太陽
Dm _____ Gm
照不亮你 過往
Eb _______ F _______Bb Bb7
有些黑暗 我們 都一樣

Eb _______ F
我太嫉妒 時光
Dm ______ Gm
能離開的 大方
Eb _______ F ________ Bb Bb7
不用開口 也就無需躲藏

F ________________ Dm
Gm ______________ Eb _____ F
陪伴我呼吸 決定我微笑模樣
F ___ Bb Bb7

F ______________ Dm ___________ Gm
是笑著與你分開 思念卻背對背張望
Eb _______ F ________ Eb
剩下倔強 剩下合照一張

The chords are for this version of the song

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Top 10 Wacky Things To Go With Your Half-Boiled Eggs

Watery Half Boiled Eggs

For those of you that don’t know, this is what half-boiled eggs look like (albeit rather runny ones).

And this is how you make them:

Half Boiled Egg Cooker Maker

But I’m not here to tell you how to make the perfect half-boiled eggs (the cooker does that for you all on its own). I’m here to do more than that. I figured half-boiled eggs don’t get enough attention, they don’t get enough love.

Now I’m an avid half-boiled egg consumer, and so I figured why not spice things up a little and create or discover a brand new half-boiled egg combo? Because frankly the ol’ soya sauce and pepper routine gets a little stale sometimes, no? And as they say:

Variety is the spice of life.

– Dalai Lama (not really, he doesn’t take spice)

So here are some wacky combos that you can try (if you dare)!

Feel free to play along at home!

Half Boiled Eggs Olives
It may look like bubble tea with a side of egg (hey, I never thought of that!), but it’s actually a whole avalanche of olives. If you’re not a fan of olives, please avert your eyes. Oh wait, too late.

If you like olives like me, then I would definitely recommend these salty little critters to add that tang as well as a bit of bite to your eggs.

Half Boiled Eggs Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are great for eating raw, but somehow they don’t really add that much to half-boiled eggs. I would recommend at least sauteing or grilling the tomatoes first to soften them up and release some of that umami goodness.

Half Boiled Eggs Beetroot

Who likes beetroot?

One of my favourites, beetroot is a nice sweet sour addition that’s not that uncommon to be found with eggs. Perhaps usually more with poached eggs and some bread, but that’s too cliched, no?

Fun fact: Did you know beetroot contains a compound that naturally enhances your aerobic performance? I’d cite the paper, but I can’t be bothered.

Half-Boiled-Eggs Paprika

If you prefer something not too chunky, then perhaps you can try a smidgen of paprika on your half-boiled eggs instead!

Paprika is a fragrant and versatile spice, and it’s hard to go overboard with it. If you experience difficulty breathing, then you probably want to stop.

Half Boiled Egg Apple

Ok, now it starts a get a bit weird.

Yes, that is an apple. And yes, it is roasted so it is soft like pudding.

And no, it doesn’t really work with hard-boiled eggs.

You’re welcome.

Half Boiled Egg Chicken
That’s…just cruel.

Ah, nothing like a novel take on an old Japanese recipe – the Oyakodon!

For those that don’t know, the Oyakodon is a Japanese dish whose name literally translates to “parent and child rice bowl”. It’s fried chicken with egg on top, on a bed of rice. I’m hungry now.

So yeah, have some crispy fried chicken with your half-boiled eggs! If you can be bothered to fire up the deep fat fryer first thing in the morning.

Actually, just don’t do it. It’s average at best.

Half Boiled Egg Bakgua Jerkey
What in God’s green earth…?

Nothing like starting your day off with some sweet, chewy pork jerky!

Traditional Chinese sweet meat (known as bakgua in Malaysia and some say Singapore) actually goes quite nicely with half-boiled eggs, if you can fit the darn thing inside the bowl.

Half Boiled Egg Fish Skin

Crispy fish skin! Pretty good stuff, although somewhat pricey.

Highly recommend.

Half Boiled Egg Fish Skin
Just pour it right in!

They even come in big bagfuls! Cheaper that way.

Half Boiled Egg Pomelo

Ok I tried to get all fancy with this one, but it’s actually just a combination of shredded carrot, pulled pomelo with a hint of paprika and pepper.

It was…interesting. The pomelo is a nice touch, especially if it’s chilled, but otherwise it’s a little strange, even by my eccentric standards.

And that leaves us with our new reigning champion, hands-down the best companion to half-boiled eggs since soy sauce and pepper:

Half Boiled Eggs Kewpie Sesame Mayo
The winner!

I do not work for nor was I remunerated in any way by Kewpie to do this, but seriously their stuff is so good!

The Roasted Sesame is one of most commonly used dressings now for salads, so why not half-boiled eggs?

Their Spicy Sesame range is also just as suitable for those that like a bit of kick in the morning. Nothing beats starting your day off with a couple of half-boiled eggs!

And so ends my half-boiled egg experiment…until next time. That’s all for now, folks!

Have an egg-cellent day!

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The Malaysian Dream

All our lives we have been brought up to believe in a dream – the great American Dream. To own a house and a car, to have a family, to be financially free. But does that apply to us here in Malaysia? What does that mean to us – what is the Malaysian Dream?

Growing up we are told to dream big, to be ourselves, to discover who we are and what we’re good at. And then shortly thereafter we’re told to throw that away and be a doctor or lawyer or accountant; quickly complete our education and jump straight into a higher level of study for a piece of paper that will guarantee us a slot in a prestigious position that pays good money.

And we save up, and accumulate wealth and assets, and invest in shares and properties and family members. All so we can retire early and enjoy the rest of our lives doing nothing.

Would you be truly happy with that?

Is that the Malaysian Dream?

I have always believed that we should always be happy in the here and now, no matter our situation, no matter how shitty life is. Perhaps content is a better word.

Of course that doesn’t mean accepting crap when it can be changed, or settling for something just because it is the path of least resistance.

Aim to be better – to earn more money, to be a better person, to be happier. But don’t forget to find joy in where you are now.

Every step you take on your journey to finding happiness should be filled with many little moments of happiness, because each step contributes to your big balloon of happiness.

Person in 5 years

Yes yes, you are what you do.

I know, it’s all super cliched – happiness is in the journey, not the destination. It’s been said to death, what else you got, bro?

How do we interpret this in Malaysia? What is the Malaysian Dream?

Is the Malaysian Dream the 5 C’s (Cash, Car, Condo, Credit card, Career or something along those lines)?

Will that alone bring you happiness?

What makes Malaysians happy?

Certainly there needs to be some social aspect – good friends and family, an upstanding member of society, lavish donations to charitable causes in the community. Malaysians are very charitable people.

Maybe one of the C’s needs to be Charity.

Do Malaysians subscribe to this pathway to happiness? Or are we simply parroting what our colonial subjugators imprinted upon us in their brief stay here?

Of course there is no one single path to happiness. The American or Malaysian Dreams are merely constructs that we use to impart a sense of direction to our future generations of loyal peons, so they will continue to slave away at the system that supports our precarious society instead of leaving for greener pastures (a.k.a. someone else’s system that works much better than ours).

Still, there is power in dreams. There is hope in dreams.

Do Millennials still speak of dreams? Or simply of crippling debt and overwhelming prices?

What is our modern Malaysian Dream?

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Why Do You Do It?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself: why do you do the things you do?

Do you do it for yourself? Do you do it for your significant other? For your parents? For your best friend? For your king and country?

As selfish as it sounds, you really should do things because you want to.

Sure, there are many things in life called “chores” that we have to do, whether we like it or not. The very connotation of the term chore indicates that it is an undesirable task, at best.

But these chores should still benefit you, in some way, no?

So in the end, you should do things for only two reasons:

Because you will benefit from doing it, or because you enjoy doing it.

Sounds simple and selfish, right? Makes you swell with guilty glee, doesn’t it?

Either way, you gain from expending and investing your time and effort. You find joy and laughter from a comedy show; you earn money from working on a project; you feel satisfaction from spring cleaning your house. All these benefit you directly.

What about helping the less fortunate? Or paying someone a compliment? Science tells us when we do good deeds, we get a secret shot of dopamine and endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in our body’s stinky factory. Here’s the paper on the benefits of altruism.

So by helping others, we are also helping ourselves. No need to feel guilty about it.

Thanks for the Human Biology 101 session – what’s your point?

Have you ever done something that you believed was entirely for someone else’s benefit? Why did you do it?

Perhaps you gave up your own time and energy to help your sibling do their taxes, not expecting any payment or gratitude. And what if you don’t receive any payment or gratitude or even acknowledgement?

Perhaps you think of this as charity. As something you must do. Because you’re family.

So why do you do it? What compels you to do it?

Because you’re family? And that’s what family does? Are you in a Fast & Furious movie?

Would you nurse your best friend who has no family back to health, even if there is little to no prospect of recovery? How long would you hold out for? What if you burnout? What if you lose your job and your savings helping your friend who can no longer even care for themselves, let alone reciprocate or thank you for your kindness? Would you still do it?

Why do you do it?

Would you sacrifice everything for someone you don’t even know?

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

– Horace, Roman poet

Why do countless men and women throw down their lives in some foreign land in service of their ruling class and country? Would you give your life for thousand and millions of people, most of whom you will never know and never meet?

Is this a higher level of altruism? The highest form? Is there a hidden agenda, a secret motive – a loved one or community that cannot protect themselves?

Surely there is no benefit if you are no longer around to benefit.

Why do you do it?

There are people out there who knowingly sacrifice their energy, their money, their time in order to bring about benefit for someone else, for a greater cause, even if they may not ever benefit from it or see the end result. Is this what we should be doing? Is this what our ancestors demand from us? Is this what our authorities expect of us?

Or should we be selfishly doing what we want, what pleases us? Wallow in wanton hedonism? Focus on what benefits ourselves? Is this the sin of the Millenials? Now that everybody can be famous for a few precious seconds, is that what we yearn for?

I say just be honest with yourself: know why you do what you do. And if it allows you to be at peace with yourself and permits you sleep at night, then to hell with what other people think!

Perhaps you say I get to do the things I want to do because I have the freedom bestowed upon me by my ancestors who toiled and fought for these rights. That they had no choice in the matter, that they were forced by circumstances to do things they did not want to do, to do things they could not benefit from.

I believe they did have a choice. And I do not deny the greatness of their sacrifice in order for there to be freedom of speech and choice in their progeny.

But does that mean I am bound by their decisions?

Bound by feelings of inferiority? By feelings of filial piety? By feelings of guilt and shame?

Let’s put it simply: you’ve got one life, and that life is a gift to you. What you do with it is your choice. So choose wisely, and don’t let choosing your own happiness cause you chagrin.

Why do you do it?

Because you want to.

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Atria Reborn

Behold the Atria reborn!

Rising from the ashes of a dead mall, this fiery phoenix has been rekindled and reshaped, perched tall and mighty in the heart of Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Atria SS22 Petaling Jaya Drone
Atria SS22 Petaling Jaya Drone
Atria SS22 Petaling Jaya Drone
Atria SS22 Petaling Jaya Drone

With over 20 floors and a great array of retail outlets below, this fortified icon may not attract international crowds, but it certainly services the local populace.

Atria SS22 Petaling Jaya Drone
Atria SS22 Petaling Jaya Drone

Farewell, dear Sun.

Farewell, dear Atria.

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Flowers & Happiness

What festival is full of flowers and happiness? Spring break? The harvest moon? Perhaps most of them!

One of the most popular in South East Asia is Wesak Day, a day of devotion and recollection. Wesak Day is one of the most important festivals in the Buddhist calendar as it commemorates three significant events in the Gautama Buddha’s life – his birthday, his enlightenment and his passing.

Wesak Day Children Flowers Happiness
Flowers Happiness
Flowers Happiness
Wesak Day Happiness
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